Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Netanyahu's dangerous deal with the Republicans
Nahum Barnea
Published: 23.01.15, 00:42
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1. Bibi angling for an American political career
avramele   (01.23.15)
Move to Florida...join the speaking circuit...cultivate more right wing Jewish billionaires...become a Fox News commentator...have Sheldon buy you a newspaper...take out US citizenship...run for senate.
2. Exaggeration
Zechariah   (01.23.15)
The USA supports the Right of Israel to live in secure Borders .With Missiles and Nuclear Proliferation it means IDF in the Jordan Valley Retention for now of the Golan Heights and fighting Hamas in Gaza as well as Fatah Baath and ISIS in Judea and Samaria.And the NeoNazis .No Drama Obama is it really such a Threat.The deal is of 1500sq Km in Judea and Samaria and Two sq km in Jerusalem .The Dan Gush with Three Million is 1500sq km .1500sq Km of Ballistic Missile Defence in Judea and Samaria and 1500sq km of Mega Shelters under Dan gush Would Protect Half of Israel for Several Decades .And Horrific Detterrant Capacity. .
3. Chill dude. Just think of it as governor as the 51st state.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.23.15)
Please... Stop with the propriety. Labor & the US Democrats concocted Oslo behind the scenes in '91/'92, jammed it down our throats and that was alright? No. This is beautiful payback. If Bibi put his name in the hat he'd probably win the US Republican nomination for 2016. Lol. I can see Susan Rice in the backroom at the White House stamping her feet like the little baby she is. Boehner is, by law, equivilant to the President, not below him. He can invite anyone he wants to speak to Congress wihout the President's consent. As it should be. Obama is a disgrace.
4. This is about Iran
Bloomfield ,   Calgary, AB   (01.23.15)
The only reason Netanyahu is going to Washington is an attempt to stop Obama from making an end run around Congress through Executive Action. Recent leaks from the State Department would seem to indicate this is what the President has in mind. He'll sign the deal and bypass Congress, just like he did with Cuba and Immigration reform. It is more important to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear threshold State, than to gain Obama's approval. Obama will be gone in two years but Israel will live with the consequences forever.
5. All is fair in love and war. This is neither, it is politics
George Washington ,   Washington, D.C.   (01.23.15)
If Israelis of the left don't like the fact that we Americans who love and support you recognize a leader who is wise enough to keep Israel ahead of her enemies, then embrace John Kerry each time he comes your way and kiss Ozero for all the favor he has shown you, but we will laud the Man who has not yet bombed his enemies into oblivion as he should have but who yet saves Israeli lives to the extent possible in your neck of the woods. Bless Israel forever according to Genesis 12:3.
6. Bibi is absolutely right to work with Israel's true friends
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.23.15)
The sheer stupidity of leftists objecting to Bibi addressing the U.S. Congress is breathtaking. Bibi is absolutely right to work with Israel's true friends. Anyone with the sense of a gnat knows Obama is anything but Israel's friend. Or America's. Do morons like Barnea want Bibi to REFUSE his invitation to address the U.S. Congress? Seriously, is there any limit to leftist stupidity?
7. Netanyahu's speech to Congress
Joseph Milstein ,   Brookline, MA USA   (01.23.15)
Bibi openly supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election. Mittens LOST. Bibi needs to understand that poking his nose into A Mexican politics, especially when he is on the losing side, is likely to have a price tag attached. Readers should remember that only about 35% of the American electro rate voted in 2014. The absolute number of votes received by Democrats exceeded the absolute number of votes received by Republicans. If the US had the electoral system Israel uses, the Democrats would have control of the Presidency, the House and teh Senate. Bibi meddles in American politics at his peril.
8. Biased, not fully thought out
Netanyahu will receive a VERY warm welcome from Republicans and Democrats alike. Obama and his administration are responsible for the current strain in relations.
9. Iran, Israel and the U.S.
J. Meye ,   United states of america   (01.23.15)
When the U.S. congress figures out that Iran is an excuse to the Israeli's to keep their spys and their government in control of the U.S. They might realize how stupid they are. Or else the half of them are already planted in our government? Do you really think Iran would use nuclear weapons on anyone? I don't, they aren't stupid and their no arabs. Nobody likes to be threatened and controlled! Iranian oil works better in American automobiles!
10. Bibi wants war & Obama doesn't!
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (01.23.15)
Bibi wants the US to fight Iran at all cost. If America fights Iran it will be bloody and costly. I believe Bibi wants to fight Iran, however without the full backing of US military might and or support he is afraid. Israel has a strong military, however it's military lacks strategic depth and couldn't fight a major war more than 30 days without American support.
11. Why shouldn't Netanyahu keep Iran in the spotlight?
Matt C ,   Canada   (01.23.15)
Iran is an issue that affects Israel more than any other country, so if Obama doesn't want to hear Israel's input on the subject it is Obama who is being a bad friend. This article, and others like it that have defended Obama's behaviour, acts as if the Iran crisis is an issue that is Obama's alone to decide, and that Israel, the country Iran directs most of its threats toward, should just sit down and be quiet. This is nonsense, any US decision on Iran that threatens Israel's survival needs to put opposed by Israel with all of its resources, and the best thing Israel can do in that situation, as America's friend, is to put that out in the open so that they are not caught by surprise.
12. #1
Harold ,   usa   (01.23.15)
Netanyahu is playing with fire. By the Fox News don't need him because they already have one named Bill O'Reilly.
13. "acceptable behavior norms"
CJK   (01.23.15)
obama has been undermining us allies ever since he became president. obama has been undermining the us congress ever since he became president. obama refuses to consult congress on any matter of import, including the secret negotiations with iran. obama should not be surprised that members of congress, and in particular the republications, have had enough. obama instructed david cameron to call up personally us senators and ask them not to vote for new sanctions on iran. obama has treated netanyahu with total disrespect and forced him to release nearly a hundred mass murdering terrorists just so that abbas sit and pretend to negotiate.
14. 1 stay where you are
CJK   (01.23.15)
15. Netanyahu's dangerous and utterly stupid move
David Kurtz ,   New York, NY   (01.23.15)
A very perceptive (and unfortunately true) opinion piece by Nahum Barnea. This American Jew resents the (hopefully soon-to-be former) Prime Minister trying to undermine and embarrass our President. It will fail and most of us resent it… hugely. This will play very badly with the American People. Very, very stupid!
16. The only person humiliating the president
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.23.15)
of the United States is himself! Which he does very consistantley.
17. There's no need for "humiliating" Obama, but all the need
to defeat him in his geo-political machinations. That is something very good for us and for the free world.
18. I don't remember you writing when President Clintonc
Zev ,   Israel   (01.23.15)
came to Israel to visit Shimon Peres just before the elections.
19. Nethanyahu
rm ,   amsterdam NL   (01.23.15)
it's not exactly a first...he also quite openly supported Romney...
20. Election 2015
Geoff Rubin ,   Israel   (01.23.15)
There is only one legitimate way of dealing with this - a total censorship of the event by all media, including Israel Hayom, which can be lifted as soon as the polling booths are closed.
21. the problem
The problem is that Leftists, even intelligent ones like Barnea, can't have rational opinions based on facts. There is no interference in Israeli politics: not one Israeli voter will be influenced by Netanyahu's address tp Congress. If anything, it means Netanyahu will have less time to campaign. Netanyahu is doing it because, unlike Herzog, he thinks a nuclear-armed Iran is a threat to Israel. And why would anyone, including Republicans, want to humiliate Obama? He has no more elections to worry about so what will it help? The invitation comes because the US Congressmen really believe a nuclear Iran is a threat to Israel. Instead Barnea should argue that Netanyahu is wrong and Herzog is right: a nuclear armed Iran is an Israeli interest
22. truly a coinciding of mutual interests
Cameron ,   USA   (01.23.15)
Necessity dictates. Such will be the alignment for the future. The Dem party fully intends to slowly squeeze & grind Israel down in the coming years. We in the US recognize that planned agenda as do you.
23. As a US citizen, I can say this piece is 100% on target
Rafi ,   US   (01.23.15)
Bibi should STAY HOME. He is doing Israel no favors.
24. Netanyahu
Rick ,   NYC - USA   (01.23.15)
Why does Netanyahu take sides and interfere with U.S. politics? Such action is arrogant, obnoxious and dangerous. It is not good for Israel and it is not good for American Jews. I am a major supporter of Israel but Mr. Netanyahu had better act diplomatically or his actions may backfire in a serious way.this harmful to Israel and U.S. Jews.
25. PM of Israel
Dennis Pitman ,   Williston N.D. USA   (01.24.15)
I Totally disagree with Nahum's observation of the PM's Goals. I believe the PM--- Benjamin Netanyahu Is Interested in Only One Thing , Stopping The Total Annihilation of Israel !!! Which With all Due Respect it Looks to me Like Is Getting Closer every Day. Just One Missile Away!!!!!!! Thank You ! DP
26. US republicans sitting on demographic time-bomb
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.24.15)
Israelis should think very carefully tying their future to the US republicans because every one of the component constituencies is decreasing in size, even the racists in the US south (1) whites are decreasing as a percentage of the population (2) older Americans are naturally dying at 2000/day (3) rural Americans are drastically decreasing in size because of lack of long term economic future [this has nothing to do with Obama, but everything to do with lack of economic development by the states] (4) all religions, especially conservative religious groups are decreasing in size. Over time power will shift to the much more liberal, more diverse population centers with most of the geographic US having little population and little power. As Israel mistreats the future leaders of the US, the worse things will be for Israel. Long term the conservatives will lose in the USA and so will Israelfor backing the republicans.
27. to 25
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (01.25.15)
I totally agree with You, Dennis ...Being elected for PM 3 times and serving his terms wisely and with passion, Netanyahu has earned the respect and reverence, among most of the Israeli citizens in Israel and around the world... I consider Bibi the next best thing to Ariel Sharon, who's love for his country, has never stopped him to keep a fierce defense, while striving for peace...As Golda Meir said: "Peace will come, when our enemies will love their children more, then they hate us.." And that is the ultimate truth...
28. Control
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (01.25.15)
Despite that, the Israeli government, parliament and people should stay in control of the situation and circumstances in Israel itself, without meddling, interfering from abroad. MAY G.D ALSO GIVE WISDOM, MERCY AND BLESSING TO HIS JEWISH AND ISRAELI PEOPLE!
29. Talking Points
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (01.25.15)
Interesting how the Israel and US left are using Iran's talking points. "Pass sanctions and Iran will abandon peace talks." Allowing Bibi to speak to Congress is a breach of protocol." If you really want to know who's spending money hand over foot to influence an election, it is obama's Democrat Party having sent its crack political operatives to assist Lapin and Livni in their desperate agenda to deceive Israeli voters into dumping Likud. Obama gave them their operating instructions: you stop Netanyahu or ELSE!
30. Freedom of Speech
David ,   New England   (01.25.15)
One thing Americans value the most is freedom of speech. We don't need the president deciding for us who and who will not speak to Congress. He is not our dictator. He left Bibi alone when he went to dinner, then had him leave by the back door. Then he told the world about Israel's plans to bomb Iran and refuel in Azerbaijan. He also told the world that Israel bombed a Syrian convoy of missiles headed to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Then he said that Netanyahu was chickensh*t. This is hardly behavior worthy of the leader of the free world- this is like high school, were it not for the fact that he thinks nothing of imperiling millions of lives.
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