Argentine president: Prosecutor's death not a suicide
Published: 22.01.15, 15:27
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1. Mystery?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (01.22.15)
Nisman lived on the 13th floor, but his security guard was on the ground floor. There was a possible access from the flat next to his, a flat occupied by an 'unidentified foreigner' . The lock on his door could be picked with a piece of wire. These facts appear on another site. What kind of security did he have??? The story gets worse by the day. I'm pleased you cleared up another mystery. Another site said they found 'a finger and a footprint.' giving the impression the assassin lost part of his finger!
2. Nisman was Jewish
Avi ,   NYC   (01.22.15)
Nisman was apparently Jewish. Perhaps the Iranians saw him as a Mossad agent. If Iran want to make a nuclear deal with Obama and the West let Iran hand over those wanted by Interpol for questioning in connection with the bombing.
3. Sounds like she is about to blame Mossad
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (01.22.15)
I feel a blaming of Israel (Mossad) coming on.
4. #2. Nuss in German/Yiddish means nut.So Nisman is derivitive
Alan ,   SA   (01.22.15)
Man who deals in nuts....the eating kind.Surely there are names like that in NYC....Also Nussbaum=Nut tree
5. #2, Iranians are afraid of being exposed
Jake   (01.22.15)
They didn't "see Nisman as a Mossad agent", just as someone who was about to blow the lid on the secret Argentine-Iranian deal to circumvent the sanctions and whitewash the bombings. Obama is the last person one can count on to ensure justice is served to the perpetrators of the bombings.
6. Frankly my dear ynet, they don't give a damn ,...
split   (01.22.15)
"As pressure and anger mounted in the South American country" ,... Except for few Jewish owned media outlets and SOME Jewish circles there's no pressure or anger shown by the rest of population, including Orthodox Jews ,... It was perceived as waste of money on wild goose chase while other needs neglected ,...
7. Avi, Nisman was definitely Jewish.
He was also much braver and more honest then Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu... this is the reason that international media is publishing item after item about Nisman and his work in a nearly obsessive way. World Media is keeping the story alive.
8. Why Was Bathroom Door Locked?
emanon ,   USA   (01.22.15)
I smell a rotten red herring. A locked bathroom door while planning to commit suicide? This only serves to mislead with the impression that he was isolated and no one could get to him. It is very easy to LOCK a door AS YOU LEAVE.
9. what would have do...
Adler J   (01.22.15)
What would have "Argentinian Federal Prosecutor" to ensure the court truthful information in behalf of the State? In 2004, President Néstor Kirchner appoint him as prosecutor of the AMIA case. Three years later, in 2007, Christina Kirchner became President of Argentina. "Petrosur" is an inter-governmental energy alliance between Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil oil companies. Everyone remembers that Hugo Chavez was a close friend and supporter of Iran. The Argentinian Federal Prosecutor Nisman claimed days before his dead that President Cristina Kirchner had conducted secret negotiations with Iran, once Argentina covers up the involvement of Iran, Argentina could receieve oil from Iran? - What happened with Venezuela & Argentina oil alliance?... Iran always denied the allegations. In 2013, Mrs Christina Kirchner had the idea to form a “truth commission” with Iran to jointly investigate the attack.? Why she did not suggested Israel to joint the commission? - if he was threatened, that explains why he had at least ten bodyguards. From the Argentinian Government?... but if he wasn't threatened where were all his bodyguards when he died, hours later he was supposed to attend a hearing at the Argentinian Congress to outline his allegations against Presidenta Kirchner. Nisman left a 300 pages reports, photos & audio files with phone conversations. how can be possible President Christina Fernandez wasn’t recorded in conversations? Another question could be: how do anyone know Prosecutor Alberto Nisman roll wasn't to cover up President Christina Kirchner and the Iranian involvement?
10. Christina K. We All Know tehran Murdered
A.Nisman and Bomb JCC in argentina, we also know argentina Is A Nazi heaven post the Holocaust!!!
11. Nisman case
bernardo stern ,   chile   (01.22.15)
You have to say Ms Cristina Fernandez has changed from suicide to homicide, she is a chronic liar, playing with words and ambiguity
12. #2, Mad Achmed of New York again posts his conspiracy theory
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.22.15)
13. a "truth commission" for lies or truths?...
Adler J   (01.22.15)
Mrs President Christina Kirchner formed the "truth commission” six months after Argentinian Pope Francis became Pope.... ps: reply to #11 willing to restore credibility in the Argentinian society? skeptic
14. Kirchner herself ordered the hit !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.23.15)
15. Now all that Cristina Kirchner need to do is knock on the...
Jerome   (01.23.15)
Now all that Cristina Kirchner need to do is knock on the prison door to let her in
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