Netanyahu defends planned Congress speech as anti-Iran strategy
Published: 25.01.15, 14:38
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1. "moral obligation"
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.25.15)
The only moral obligation he has to the people of Israel is to step down and let others more competent and decent than himself run the state. One of the problems, however, is that the word "moral" is totally meaningless to him.
2. The issue of Iran is crucial for Israel, not meddling in US
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.25.15)
Netanyahu is not meddling in the new settlements created in East or West Washington DC. He is going to address an issue of great concern for Israel that Muslim Obama wants to cut a deal with Iran against the interests of both countries.
3. Stick to your guns Bibi ! WE ALL are standing
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.25.15)
behind you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Quite right too. Good that Bibi and
DT ,   TA Israel   (01.25.15)
the Rep. blindsided OB. A "first" and long overdue
5. #2 If It's Not Meddling Why Is He Going To Speak To ....
US Congress? That is exactly what he is doing. And in the process he hopes he can garner a few votes in the process. This man knows no shame. I hope Netanyahu does go through with his speech to the lapdog idiots in the US Congress. It won't accomplish anything and it will definitely alienate Obama and his administration. A lot can be done to retaliate against Netanyahu in the next two years and who knows? Maybe the US will forget to veto the next sanctions that the UN wants to impose on Israel.
6. moral obligation???
tomer ,   jerusalem   (01.25.15)
Its a pitty.bibi's last ditch attempt to save his re-election by claiming now moral obligation is damaging israel and white house serve as republican "special"weapon to adopt congress sanctions on iran is simply meddling in us internal politics.what bibi has to say about iran everybody will not change one ioata .it will however damage his relationship with white house we depend so much on.hence he can not continue as israels pm.
7. This has nothing to do with Israel's election
US citizen ,   US   (01.25.15)
or the administration's sensitivities about it. This has everything to do with Obama and the P5+1's lust to obtain a deal with Iran. It is certainly sad, these little humans living for their little lifetime here when the next phase is of greater duration. Enjoy it while it lasts, humans, there will be a long time for your weeping and teeth gnashing
8. #1 Whom do you want instead of him?
Herzog? Hashem Yerahem! Get your passport ready if GD forbid he becomes PM.
9. PM is right
Brod ,   USA   (01.25.15)
The PM speech is vital for America and Israel national security interests. Obama does not own America or Israel. He is irrelevant. He is bad for America and Israel.
10. # 5 LOL You forget
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.25.15)
Republicans have 'the power of the purse' and America has lost all confidence in obama. His approval rating among the military is 15%... If the past is a prolog, Bibi's speech will get a standing ovation every minute or so.. His last speech was 30 minutes and, in that time, he received 27 standing ovations. American's LOVE both Bibi and Israel.. Israel with Bibi WON THE WAR! Don't we wish we American's could say the same? obama's not only a 'lame duck' he's crippled.. LOVE BUILDING LOADS MORE WHEN obama's GONE !!!!
11. The football Superball is much more interesting.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.25.15)
At least there will be a winner in the football game while the speech will be nothing but a desperate attempt by a loser to survive. Why care what will be said in another speech by a totally predictable guy? He hasn't said anything worthwhile for a very long time. If he brings a red marker pen, he will make a line somewhere. So what? Nobody cares.
12. If your goal is to "protect Israel & defend its existence.."
... then please RESIGN IMMEDIATELY !! I am totally serious: you are one of the greatest threats to Israel's future.
13. Chicken expletive should listen to Fox news!
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (01.25.15)
Most Americans should be appalled at his overt slap in the face of our Commander in Chief. He should be selling his strategy to his own people. America will not fight Iran unless we are attacked. When Fox news the most conservative of all news outlets supports Obama, then you know Bibi is in trouble. If he wants to stop Iran, all he needs to do is mobilize his military and march on Tehran if he has the balls, but we all know that chicken expletive is afraid to fight, he just wants others to fight for him or spend there money.
14. Nuclear Bomb
Elam   (01.25.15)
Why is Netanyahu so much afraid that Iran will throw a nuclear Bomb on Israel.Israel can throw a nuclear bomb back.
15. The left must have a very low opinion
Zev ,   Israel   (01.25.15)
of the Israeli public if they think people will vote Likud because Netanyahu made another speech in Congress. Maybe they are just preparing an excuse when they can't form the next government.
16. To #7 US Citizen SPOT ON
You are correct, however All Obsticiles will be removed for Bibi by Ha Shem!!!
17. Netanyahu's address before Congress
Robert Firestone ,   New York, USA   (01.25.15)
Although Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress by the Republican House Speaker, his message enjoys strong bi-partisan support, with many Senate and House Democrats pressing for tougher sanctions on Iran out of concern that Iran may emerge from the present round of negotiations that much closer to having a nuclear weapon.
18. Bibi's two fatal mistakes
Avramele   (01.25.15)
1. By throwing around the word "moral" he is implying that those who disagree with him, most directly the POTUS, are "immoral". This is not language one uses with Israel's primary strategic ally and is even diplomatically unacceptable in regard to adversaries with whom a nation is not in a warlike confrontation. 2. The speech will have the opposite intent of the PM. It will decrease the number of Democratic votes that might be available to override a Presidential veto, and, as already has happened, will rally many Americans to the President's side. In the maze of international politics the PM has hit a dead end. Ironically, the only logical explanation for Bibi's action is crass electoral maneuvering - in which case it in itself is "morally" dubious.
19. #5, Obama is determined to destroy both Israel and the US
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.25.15)
This is why Netanyahu found the need to accept Congress invitation to speak on a common issue of concern to the 2 countries that Obama is subversively acting against.. Netanyahu must do what is good for Israel, irrespective of elections, and Iran negotiations could be concluded by Obama to Israel's detriment in a very short time.. Leftists are sticking their heads in the sand on anything Obama.
20. Obama must feel very threatened by Netanyahu
CJK   (01.25.15)
it is unseemly that obama should make such a huge fuss about this invitation by us congress to netanyahu. obama would have achieved much more by being gracious. unfortunately, good manners and graciousness are not part of his personality.
21. #18, Achmedele.US one fatal mistake was electing Obama,twice
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.25.15)
22. #1 Michael: 100% correct Bibi needs to resign now
Rafi ,   US   (01.25.15)
Netanyahu using the word "moral" for anything he does is akin to Godfather Don Corleone suggesting he has the skills to run a day care center... Netanyahu and his team have caused immense damage to Israel's relations with numerous friendly countries - and now he is working on demolishing goodwill in the US. Whether the average Israeli citizen realizes it, the impact of Netanyahu's selfish & rude behavior has cost Israel severely diplomatically, economically - as well as in the security field. Israelis! Wake up & smell the roses: act decisively - throw Netanyahu out of office! Or even better: Bibi do at least one thing for the benefit if the State of Israel: RESIGN NOW!
23. #1 and his namesake from Cali, just invented new morality
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.25.15)
Netanyahu as the leader of Israel has the moral obligation and the duty entrusted in him to protect the citizens of Israel from external and internal dangers. That you deride it and don't like him doesn't make it any less true.
24. 18, Netanyahu's purpose
CJK   (01.25.15)
netanyahu's sole purpose in addressing congress is to explain the deadly threat of a nuclear iran.
25. #19, Clueless about Israel and the US. Obama is ...
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.25.15)
Obama is good for the US while Netanyahu TRIED to be good for himself while claiming he has the interest of Israel in mind. The Iran angle has been played by Netanyahu to no end in sight and made him a laughing stock to the world. Republicans are now playing him for their presidential ambitions in 2016, a very minor and insignificant play historically. History will tell you that Netanyahu accomplished zilch throughout his career if you don't credit him for the ice cream in flight. But I must admit he tried to keep a government last in Israel, with a 50% success rate (2 years per lasting government instead of 4 yars.) Well, historical clues will hit you soon.
26. #6 please explain
There is not one Israeli who will change his or her vote if Netanyahu talks to Congress. So your accusation against Netanyahu is wrong. Obama isn't so petty that he will destroy Israel just because he feels insulted, so your threats are wrong. What we have here are two different policies. Netanyahu believes a nuclear Iran is bad for Israel. Obama believes a nuclear Iran is an American interest and has the record to prove it, from supporting Ahmadinejad against the pro-democracy Green Revolution to his gloating "chickens***" leak. When Obama announced he would not allow any sanctions against Iran, and with an Iranian Revolutionary Guard General scouting the Golan, Netanyahu has no choice but try to convince the American people through the Congress to stop Iranian nukes.
27. #25, proving twice clueless. Obama is not worth Netaniahu's
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.26.15)
pinky. The former cares about protecting the "honor" of murderous Islam and the latter worries about his country's survival. The former is an empty suit after 6 years of diminishing the most powerful nation on earth and the latter is a multi faceted accomplished warrior, businessman, economist, visionary politician and one of the best leaders in the world today. The former delivers soaring, meaningless, boring, hour long speeches from 3 teleprompters and prepared by 40 writers employed full time, the latter scribbles a few notes on a piece of paper and makes a most impressive sober speech in front of US Congress for 30 minutes in impeccable English, receiving standing ovations every minute from both sides of the aisle.
28. herzog
Michael   (01.26.15)
It is unfortunate that Herzog once again shows the Israeli voter really has no alternative to Bibi. Herzog either criticizes with no alternate vision or he proposes tp placate President Obama no matter what the issue is. How is that leadership?!
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