Yadlin: Netanyahu's speech to Congress is irresponsible
Attila Somfalvi and Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 26.01.15, 16:30
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1. Yadlin's totally correct. Don't kid yourselves...
Rafi ,   US   (01.26.15)
Republican & Democratics alike thruout the US will resent this blatant intrusion by a foreign leader into American poliitcs. Whether pro-Obama or not, hostility toward Israeli RUDENESS and DISRESPECT toward their President will permeate the Pentagon, the national security establishment and ultimately much of the American public... causing Israel irreperable harm. Meanwhile, so long as it buys him some votes, it is worth it to Netanyahu. This is type of indvidual now governing Israel: both Israeli electorate, AIPAC and the Diaspora shouldtake note: if you care about Israel how could you possibly support such a loser?
2. Amos Yadlin, the former Military LACK OF Intelligence chief
Jewrusalem ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (01.26.15)
HYPERCRITE! He's espousing the same tactics as BiBi...He critiques a speech that has yet to be given... BiBi will DO NOTHING TO HURT ISRAELI/USA relations, he's not as stupid like his "buddies" Bennett and the screaming heads in sand leeches, the heredis the Mess of Knesset. BiBi hold your ground, tell the arabs to shove it, they are getting no more GESTURES from Israel...they are way past their wlcome.
3. Interesting that it's only radical leftist who believe so.
Danny   (01.26.15)
Obviously Netanyahu is doing something right with his speech to Congress.
4. a little late
judd   (01.26.15)
do you ever notive how yadlin always opens his mouth to old news! I wander why this is? does the left produce educated people? just asking.......
5. Israel Ambassador to USA gave this brilliant explanation
Alan ,   SA   (01.26.15)
"There may be some people who believe that the Prime Minister of Israel should have declined an invitation to speak before the most powerful parliament in the world on an issue that concerns the future and survival of Israel. But we have learned from our history that the world becomes a more dangerous place for the Jewish people when the Jewish people are silent." "The agreement that is being discussed today is not an agreement that would dismantle Iran's nuclear weapons capability, but rather one that could leave Iran as a nuclear threshold state. That is an agreement that could endanger the very existence of the State of Israel....The Jewish people are a people who have survived all the evil that history has thrown at us. And we will survive the evil that we face today. But we will not do it by bowing our heads and by hoping that the storm will pass." I say Amen!
6. "Zionist" my tuches! Yadlin is a disgrace to himself &his
former profession/position. Utterly shameless lies in the name of power-grabbing. The Lunatic Left must be defeated in a way unseen in Israeli (and world)-politics! Go Bibi, go!
stude ham   (01.26.15)
talk of politicizing... yadlin is all talk and no substance... bibi has something important to say... even if it is only bye bye idiot BO. and without knowing the substance of bibi's address to congress I'm willing to give bibi the benefit of the doubt.
8. Every soon!
Every soon Israel was feeling small with rejections, boycotts, threats of votes across Europe supporting Abbas and Palestinians etc. But today Israel is feeling big and important. Say it loud and clear that Israel lives.
9. What is scary
Yadlin is smart. He knows that "OneVoice", associated with New Israel Fund and the US State Department is funding the anti-Netanyahu campaign in an effort to install Herzog as PM. Doesn't this bother him?
10. Bibi's hypocrisy
Gene Graczyk ,   Santa Rosa CA USA   (01.27.15)
When Shimon Peres spoke to Congress one month before elections in Israel, candidate Bibi said it was unheard of for a seated PM to engage in "a cynical political ploy". Now Bibi will be doing exactly the same thing having moved his speech up to be two weeks before elections in which he is trailing. cynical? Dermer, a former neo-con operative under Bush is defying Israeli civil service rules that forbid partisan political actions by employees and calls for punishments including dismissal and possible criminal charges. Du us and Israel a favor---keep these people far away from us. Neither is welcome after this egregious affront to Israel's only ally. Shameful!
11. Is Herzog's revealing classified information responsible?
Danny   (01.26.15)
Is Herzog's revealing classified information about the operation that killed an Iranian general and Hezbollah's Jihad Mughniyeh, a week ago resposible?
12. PM vs Yadlin
Brod ,   USA   (01.27.15)
Yadlin should stop playing god on the lives of Israelis and Americans. The fact is the PM's contribution on the matter of Iran nuke threat is vital not just to Israel but also to America. It is amazing to see the godless Leftists cowing to Obama as if the latter is king of Israel. The fact is Obama the Islamist is bad to America and Israel. He has drowned the former with $18 Trillion in national debts, he is cowing to the Ayatollahists, he sides with the Islamist-Jihadist fanatics Hamas by scolding Israel for defending itself from Hamas' rocket attacks, and stopping the sale of weaponry to Israel. Obama is being controlled and manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood that has been declared by Eygpt and Saudi Arabia as a Terrorist organization. Why Congress has not impeached him for wallowing with the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist organization is a mystery.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (01.27.15)
on BIBI's time. BIBI IS THE KING FOR NOW, and he will be for years to come. Obama can ask his congress not to send invitations to BIBI if he had any power. Criticizing BIBI shows Obama's weakness.
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