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A waiting game on the northern border
Alex Fishman
Published: 27.01.15, 00:42
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1. And who's to blame? well of course: Bibi (or Sara)!!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (01.27.15)
but offer no solution. It is just bunch of words to fill up the paper as much as possible. Most of them have no real solution, but just plane complaint. And we as Jews, are used to complaining. What is your solution, Mr Fishman?
3. Why wait ? - Strike first !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.27.15)
Israel is now waiting to see how the Iranian revenge plan rolls out. The Northern Command, General Staff and the defense minister are analyzing the information that flows into the defense establishment, have come up with various scenarios and are preparing to meet them. The feeling is that there is a ticking bomb, but they do not know where or when it will explode. Until then – the northern front is vigilant and alert. Action always beat Reaction !. Arn.Sweden.
4. And what might be that "different set of tools"?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.27.15)
Fishman discusses the various possibilities, the risks that might -might- come into play, but can't bring himself to lay out the proper course. In that way, he covers his bases. Whatever comes to pass, he's listed it as a possible outcome. What he *doesn't* do is specify what is included in that "different set of tools" to deal with the situation that no one seems to be using. Typical salon intellectualizing.
5. Creating a war for the next election?
Melvin ,   Brooklyn   (01.28.15)
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