France is no longer a home for Jews
Marit Danon
Published: 27.01.15, 12:02
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1. True words us Israelis should remember when voting: there
are (incredibly) scores of clueless, Useful Idiots among our People both in the Diaspora, but most frighteningly at home! So please pour some cold water on your heads all you Buji-cultists....
2. Why? Is Israel any safer?
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.27.15)
Israel might be more concerned but there are more terrorist attacks in Israel than anywhere else.
3. #3 chaim - yes, but
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.27.15)
Israel is concerned about it and acting on that concern.
4. Peter Kovacs @ FB ,...
split   (01.27.15)
"...Polish and Jewish resistance fought against nazis together..." No kiddin', can you elaborate when and where? ,...
5. yeh like its so safe here in Israel
Yoni   (01.27.15)
Welcome French Jews, to Israel of course but to market Israel as some kind of safe haven is simply not true. We have terrorosits attacks here all the time as we have seen recently
6. To: Facebook Kamil Sawko
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.27.15)
I take it that you are unaware of the tens of millions of Jews that were slaughtered in Poland LONG before the Nazis ever arrived on the scene. Get an education.
7. How do you really know the shooting was true?
Melvin ,   Brooklyn   (01.28.15)
Edy Burak ,   MIAMI , USA   (01.28.15)
is not only France in danger.- the jewish communities in TRUCHOLANDIA(argentina) , Turkey & Venezuela are in real problems......
9. French Jews should demand french governments to stop ben
Avi L.   (01.28.15)
French Jews should demand french governments to stop bending over backwards to muslim fundamentalism. Stop throwing a lead blanket over all and any critic to islam. BTW who are the perpetrators of acts of antisemitism? Some right wing skin heads or muslims?
10. #6 Sarah B.
Harold ,   USA   (01.28.15)
You mean there was an earlier holocaust we don't know about.
11. tens of millions apparently, #10
Cameron ,   USA   (01.29.15)
Never suspected there were ever that many in Poland, let alone the rest of Eastern Europe.
12. @Sarah B
Greg ,   Warsaw, Poland   (02.08.15)
This is really interesting, please tell us more. I was not aware of that and would be delighted to read the details.
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