UNRWA forced to suspend Gaza reconstruction due to lack of funds
AFP, Reuters
Published: 27.01.15, 11:38
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1. I am shocked,
shocked, to learn that all those Arab states have yet again promised and not kept their promises. They might send suicide bombers, but cash, you can forget it.
2. playing blackmail
tiki ,   belgium   (01.27.15)
"The donors 'pledged but didn't pay and the money that did come in was needed for our salaries, tunnels & new rockets for our arsenals needed to kill Israeli civilians have been depleted by those damned Israeli's", signed Chris Gunness..
3. above
moishe   (01.27.15)
it should be wake-up time in Gaza after generations. it wont happen.
4. What a Surprise
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln,USA   (01.27.15)
What a surprise. The Muslim nations worldwide who support Gaza to the last man are again showing their true colors. Talk is cheap but money is dear. I don't blame them. They know very well that the money given will end up in someone's pocket. Some things never change.
5. Talk is cheap
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.27.15)
Cash talks BS walks..... Hamas shouldn't start wars with Israel, they are destined to lose. LOVE BUILDING !!!!
6. The promise of money to be given for the rebuilding of Gaza.
Mary Eich ,   USA   (01.27.15)
The money was not used for the rebuilding of the Gaza living areas except for a small amount. The rest was stolen by Hamas to rebuild their tunnels. They do not care about the people who live in Gaza. All Hamas cares about is themselves and their ruling of the world. Also all they want to do is to kill all those who do not believe in the Islamic religion which is a bunch of cruel lies.
7. There is a lot of rebuilding going on in Gaza
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.27.15)
Check out the tunnels
8. Gaza
HaroldT38 ,   Canada   (01.28.15)
Why does the Turkish government not put their money where their mouth is by funding reconstruction and taking refugees that wish to leave Gaza ?
9. More money into the toilet?
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.28.15)
Be serious. Did the fools in Gaza REALLY think the world would just throw unlimited money into the toilet of Gaza, where the Hamas 'administration' uses those funds for terrorist/jihadist activities? BE SERIOUS! Rebuild just to be destroyed the next time Gaza starts another war? Nobody in the world (at least with money) believes anything Hamas says. Hamas has proved to be liars, only using money to further their warped jihadist ambitions. Obama may believe Hamas is a 'civic' organization, but everyone with an IQ above 3 knows otherwise. The people of Gaza must throw Hamas into the ocean. That is the ONLY way the world will come through and help them rebuild.
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