UK will not let bigots and terrorists win
Matthew Gould
Published: 27.01.15, 21:22
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1. facts
Loui ,   Mexico Israel Jlem   (01.28.15)
Biggest jewish Comunity in Europe was Poland with 300000 jews. that didnt stopped the radical forms to take action, all it takes is one lunatic to set the fire.
2. Where is the evidence for this shooting?
Melvin ,   Brooklyn   (01.28.15)
3. #1 ,...
split   (01.28.15)
A least 3.5 million and 95% Haredim and other ultra freaks but rather more taken that those black hatted ones didn't participate in national census, didn't register newborn or deceased with the authorities. Check their count today in France it says 'estimated' 480,000 - 550,000 because, despite 21 Century and computers they don't know either.
4. So speaks the career diploma
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (01.28.15)
Take it from me who has dealt with Cabinet Ministers,MPs,police,local councillors and officers and so on and so on,in Britain bigots and terrorists have nothing to worry about. Especially if their activities are directed against Jewish people and Israel. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
5. It's because of this type of hot air that I left Britain
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (01.28.15)
For Israel. Why does the UK have a consulate in Jerusalem that only deals with Palestinian affairs, but can't bring itself to put an embassy that deals with Israeli affairs, in Jerusalem?
6. Ratings
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (02.02.15)
According to the most recent survey of world wide anti-Semitism, taken before the war in Gaza, the UK was about neck and neck with the USA at about 8%. This hasn't changed for many years. Considering that Jews make up half of one percent of the British population [about 250,000 out of about 50,000,000] we contribute quite a lot to many areas of national life.
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