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Chelsea Handler explores Jewish roots in Israel
Keren Natanzon Weits
Published: 28.01.15, 00:21
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1. Oh, the Eternal One! Can any celebrity do without Him?!:-))
2. Handler
M. Gerald fried ,   Skokie USA   (01.29.15)
According to Jewish law she is not Jewish. She has made no effort to convert. She maybe interested in Israel but has no standing to make any comments. She has had every opportunity to convert an isn't motivated. She can join millions of reform Jews whose Jewishness is called into question.
3. The program did just the opposite
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (01.29.15)
'Who do you think you are' didn't show her Grandfather to be a NAZI. Chelsea was worried that he would have been one.It showed him to a private in Wehrmacht who didn't even try to be a good soldier. Just a guy who was drafted and surrendered to U.S. Troops
4. makes no sense
hsu ,   st louis   (01.12.19)
does that even make any sense? her grandfather was a nazi captured as a pow in america, and stayed in america. something doesnt add up.
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