Iran says it sent warning to Israel via US officials
Associated Press
Published: 27.01.15, 23:39
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1. Israeli Red Line is Iran helping Hezbollah to attack Israel
The Iranian general was in Syria helping Hezbollah and Syrians to attack Israel so he made himself as a target
2. we are at war
ky   (01.28.15)
but nobody knows it yet.
3. Empty threats again and again
Chedorlaomer   (01.28.15)
"We tell them (Israelis to) await retaliation but we will decide about its timing, place and the strength," Salami said at the ceremony. Yes,of course.
4. mad mullahs and their irgc thugs
C   (01.28.15)
they have been threatening israel with annihilation for over thirty years. obama has never condemned the shia totalitarian genocidal regime. so be it. israel defend herself by herself.
5. Iran is testing US reaction. Nixon would move the 5th & 6th
Rafi ,   US   (01.28.15)
fleets off the coasts of Iran and Lebanon, and commence war games. Nixon & Kissinger may have been a lot of things but they knew how to play tough on the world stage. That's the response the thugs in Tehran would understand. Somehow I don't think Obama is likely to get it or react in the same way. Bad news for Israel and other pro-West states.
6. #3 - not so empty threats - eventually Iran will retaliate
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.28.15)
in ways that will severely damage Israel (and no nukes will be needed). Israel keeps picking fights and one of these days that is going to damage Israel extremely badly. possibly causing the defeat of the IDF. Please note that over the last 10000 years exactly ZERO armies have avoided complete and humiliating defeat.
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