IDF soldiers killed in Hezbollah Mt. Dov attack named
Matan Tzuri, Koby Nachshoni
Published: 28.01.15, 19:15
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1. hezbollah and margalit of labour
morris   (01.28.15)
idf troops die and margalit of herzog labour says I " guess" idf should reply but perhaps not. However, bibi is to blame cause he ruined obama relations and this would enable idf to respond properly. You have to throw up at this response of another amir peretz incompetent. As if making nice wiht obama would stop hezbollah. Of course herzog and livni will offer golan in return for US backed assurances. Beingjewish, I have trouble identifying with these hatikvah hating pacifists. Can israelis be so dumb as to vote for these scared rabbits. I will not vote forblowtorch bibi who is all whining.I willvote for bennett. Enough of this nauseating pacifiism. It makes me sick to my bones!
2. Yes Adam(fb),let us pray but also prayers to the families and let us take them in our arms;
and prayers to the killed spanish soldier and his family as well. And:  dear soldiers, DO  NEVER  go in unarmed vehicles; no matter what the "big boss" says!; if not possible, make it public- asap, asap!
3. Send Yaalon and Netanyahu an their bunch to prison /THEY pushed an escalation
Moses   (01.28.15)
and thus making common with their freemasondogs of the Hezballah! shame and prison on Yaalon and Netanyahu and their bunch!
4. My Sincere Condolences To The Imma And Abba
Of the Two Fallen IDF Hero's, May Ha Shem Comfort Both Families. Baruch Ha Shem
5. Hezbolla kills Israilis...they kill a Spaniard..go figure
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (01.29.15)
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