Hezbollah in message to Israel: We don't want further escalation
Itamar Eichner, Moran Azulay
Published: 28.01.15, 21:05
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1. must strike disproportionately. 10 to 1. and keep hitting th
ralph   (01.28.15)
2. attack method was predictable
jerold   (01.28.15)
gantz should have known hezbollah's mo of ieds, disguised attack, snnipers and russian antitank missilesIDF troops, robot vehicles, trophy manned vehicles, idf moves into lebanon to protect the rear should have been entertained. Gantz did this also in gaza where troops were killed because of the vehicle used. Get off your bloody asses, talk less and do more. Dirty asymmetric methods have to be used. Take the lawyers assigned to each unit to take a hike. Stop saying you have the right to self defense implying that you don't have such a right. G
3. It was not eye for an eye
Hivite   (01.28.15)
Israel killed more of them.Of course they are don't want a further escalation.They are afraid of Israel.They know Israel is stronger.
4. how many eyes does the shia terrorists have
C   (01.28.15)
before engaging in acts of revenge and an eye for an eye, the shia terrorists should count their own eyes.
5. Now Hizbollah is rewriting International Law
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (01.28.15)
So according to Hizbollah Israel may not respond because it was attacked from beyond the Blue Line. Well,bad luck.The right to self-defence to every country is enshrined in the UN's Charter and it doesn't matter a jot where Hizbollah is hiding. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
6. Rocket vs Rocket
Brod ,   USA   (01.29.15)
It is time Israel uses its rockets to take care of business in confronting Hezbollah that is using rockets. Forget artillery shells and mortars. Modern arsenals are rockets.
7. Hezballah blinked!
Avi L.   (01.29.15)
A couple of soldiers (for what it can be painful for us, don't take me wrong) are NOT the same as a couple top theatre commanders. If this is the end of it, Hezballah-Iran BLINKED! Assad doens't count for anything anymore. Hezballah seems to have understood that a confrontation with Israel would leave it too weack to even be able to defend it's people from others tribes in Lebanon and Syria. The are knives that have been sharpened for years knowing that on day Hezballah might will end, and shia and alawi's blood will run down the streets. This could mean that if Hamas starts a new confrontation Hezballah-Iran will be out of the equation. Unless Iran get it's bomb, but according to an article on ynet we should be able to snuff it out whenever we want.
8. Israel expects to attack others with impunity? Pathetic.
lara   (01.29.15)
Israel has launched seven attacks against Syria and Hezbollah and then they cry like they're the victim's when they're hit back? The insanity is remarkable.
9. attack
mike ,   seattle usa   (01.29.15)
The UN was supposed to prevent Hezbollah from re arming. That was a joke. They brag that they now have thousands of missiles. Why wait and let then fire them at us at a time of their choosing. We should take the initiative and smash them now. Waiting will only make it worse. When someone announces to the world that they want to destroy you. you don't wait for them to attack you. You attack them. This is only common sense.
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