Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
For both Israel and Hezbollah, calm works for now
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 29.01.15, 00:56
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1. livni offered the golan heights to assad
james   (01.29.15)
along with olmert, lkivni proposed the giveaway of golan to assad in return for american guarantees. She is full of it. Bibi is also full of it. Nasrollah, you have nothing to worry about, bibi will do nothing. Herzog, maybe you should talk to lilvni about it.
2. The score is not settled
Jabin   (01.29.15)
Hezbollah don't have the strength and wepons to score the settle.And to much fear of Israel.Hezbollah will not start a war,but if they are stupid enough,they should ask Gaza to join the battle.Maybe than they will be able to do a little bit more damage to Israel,but unfotunately there is no doubt that they will pay a heavy price for it and get a big defeat in the end.Hamas tried more often than Hezbollah,well 2014 they fight 50 days,but they feared an Invasion of Gaza by the IDF,they can do nothing against the IDF.Israel goes from one victory to another and unfortunately it will not change.
3. Going in wrong direction
Joe   (01.29.15)
Many don't realize that Lebanon is not Gaza and Hezbollah is not Hamas. A War with Hezbollah will mean mutual destruction. The latest operation was just a part of the ping-pong game were every side is trying to score points. Israel should be the one reaching for peace rather then supporting these never ending settlements Palestinian territories. Palestinians are on for a two state solution Jerusalem as capital of both states, but they also can accept a one state solution were both populations share. The one state solution is biggest threat to Israel but seem nobody in Israel is ready to admit that keeping building settlements is leading Israel into a one state solution. When Israeli/Palestinian peace can be made, spontaneously all these terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah will be dealt with by the regional and international powers.
4. only consideration for Israel
The round of violence started when the Iranian general scouted Syrian-occupied Golan to plan deployment of Revolutionary Guard commandos and air defense in Golan to encircle Israel. Israeli cannot afford to stand down unless Iran desists from these plans. In short, as long as Syria and their allies in Iran keep the post-1973 cease fire agreements about military deployment in Syrian-occupied Golan, their can be peace. As soon as the cease fire agreements are violated, Israel must attack.
5. sound analysis. Bibi: meanwhile keep burning bridges w/ US
Rafi ,   US   (01.29.15)
& other previous supporters of Israel. Good strategy. You'll soon be fighting wars with sticks & stones. Completely isolated. But who cares? as long as you get re-elected. that is the most important objective, isn't it?
6. Hezbollah┬┤s Revenge
Walid ,   Spain   (01.29.15)
What did Netanyahu expect after targeting and killing Iranian and Hezbollah senior personnel? A kiss on the cheek? He knows very well that there will be a revenge and this is exactly what he wanted. The timing of such an event plays well in his present campaign for re-election as PM. Politicians are ruthless and will do anything including having their own people killed in order to be re-elected. This is not the first time Natenyahu takes such extreme measures.
7.  "Hezbollah is not in a position..."
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (01.30.15)
Actually, they are in a great position to force Israel to the corner and beat us in a revenge game which we have started where we do not know what the next day will bring. They are not going to let this golden opportunity pass. I am sure there will be more attacks over the next months, until Israel cries "Gewald".
8. Bottom Line Here
World Citzen ,   the world   (01.30.15)
Starting another war with Lebanon would be idiotic. Having said that Netanyahu is good at that sort of thing. He also thinks all is good as long as the Arabs are fighting each other. It worked in the past (think Iraq,Syria and Libya). But all this chaos is beginning to spiral out of control. And it is coming closer and closer to Israel. You may disagree but Assad and Hezbollah are a stabilising agents on the border of Israel. If they fall the vacuum created might be filled with other more dangerous factions. I'm thinking ISIS would love to be neighbours with Israel. Netanyahu would be wise to stop the escalation. Knowing him, he will charge into the "china shop" to win an election and Israelis will pay the price.
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