'Sara Netanyahu pocketed bottle deposits cash'
Published: 30.01.15, 00:12
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1. Netanyahu's enemies are desperate
David. ,   New York   (01.30.15)
Really? Returning bottles is all you can try and sink Netanyahu with?? Btw: I'm a little unclear on how you can have a "nonpartisan" group that is working to oust Netanyahu? - that sounds pretty partisan to me
2. Shame...
Sarah B ,   Israel/ U.S.A   (01.30.15)
That the wife of our greatest ever Prime Minister should behave in such a disgraceful low class manner... Does she really need that money? I guess not, but in the unlikely case that she did need the money, Her husband could have just helped himself from the treasury...
3. Bottle by bottle, drink by drink account, please.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.30.15)
Were the bottles returned empty or half full? My fellow Israelis here in California and I want to know.
4. if you can't get Bibi, so get Sara instead!
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.30.15)
Ha'aretz, the heavy leftest pro-Arab newspaper, can't seem to get any dirt on Bibi so it focuses its dirt on Bibi. So Sara stands accused of taking bottles back to the store and keeping the gelt from the return bottles for herself. How much did she get? millions? thousands? hundreds? dollars? shekels? and who was going to get it instead? Her clean up crew? Come on, let's stop heaving dirt on Sara and concentrate on the issues: Security, financial improvement and social equality.
5. Sara being 'investigated over empty bottles"
tiki ,   belgium   (01.30.15)
So transparent & so shameful.
6. Sara deserves our praise
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.30.15)
for assiduously recycling all bottles. Unlike those lazy Israelis who just dump them. Like these protesters who dumped bottles in the street. It is amazing and disgusting that also when Sara does something praiseworthy these haters turn it against her.
7. The bottle-talk.
Steven ,   Rockville MD USA   (01.30.15)
Disgraceful attempt to throw dirt on the PM, but it will backfire. What a reliable source they have by quoting HaAretz!! They should also use other sources like ElJazeera, Guardian etc. Looks like Y-net is working very hard to re-elect the PM, and they will succeed.
8. Once a thief...
Yunan Amram ,   Israel   (01.30.15)
Will always be a thief...
9. V15 is managed by an Obama former campain worker
Ben ,   US   (01.30.15)
sent to IL to undermine Bibi.
10. Have they recycled 1000 bottles every time?
Vb   (01.30.15)
6000$ = 24000 Sheq = 100,000 bottles = 25,000 bottles per year = 80 bottles per day = 1000 bottles recycled every two weeks as they claim. These guys would a lorry to transport it. And Sarah would drink 40 liters every day Are they crazy?
In Sara Netanyahus' place I might do the same least she kept her cool and didn't ' BOTTLE it .'
12. Who brings bottles back for free?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.30.15)
Sara was not obligated to bring the bottles back.She could have thrown them .The money belongs to her. Stop the shameful electoral harassment on the PM's wife
13. Bottle-Gate - The left is grabbing at straws.
Zev ,   Israel   (01.30.15)
The question is who paid for the bottles to begin with and what was done with them when Olmert was Prime Minister. Maybe they were thrown out with the trash. More information please. This story should be in the Enquirer. Ah it was in Haaretz.
14. Maybe Ynet should regurgitate the story of
A ,   Belgium   (01.30.15)
Leah Rabin illegally holding $25,000 in bank accounts in the U.S. Fair is fair.
15. Petty, petty, petty - how petty can you go ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (01.30.15)
16. We are judged by the company we keep
Disillusioned   (01.30.15)
That is all that needs to be said to the Bibi worshippers. The Americans wouldn't abide by this kind of behavior from the wife of their leader, why should we? She has been steeped in controversy from the very beginning. Her bizarre behavior as an employer was headline news 20 years ago - in international press. It seems wherever she's gone, she's upset people. Even those in inside circles of the Netanyahu family have revealed their loathing of her. So, if - to coin another adage - "birds of a feather flock together", the time has come to free the country of this despotic and vulgar duo and put some self-respect back into the national consciousness.
17. the options
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.30.15)
Given the options as to whether Mrs Netanyahu is a petty thief or is simply mentally sick, I would opt for the latter and hope that she will opt for psychiatric help
18. The wives of PM's should be paid a salary instead of working
Rivkah   (01.30.15)
for nothing or as in this situation, for empty bottle deposits. Their lives are impacted 24/7 and they are paid nothing for the intrusions into their lives that are often toxic intrusions. Many high level diplomats and politicians and government agency heads are actually giving the nation 2 people working for one salary and that is not right. HIgh ranking military officers' wives should be paid a salary, too.
19. # 16 Hitler had a mother
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.30.15)
so what? People aren't voting for Sarah, their voting for Bibi. Abraham Lincoln's wife was mentally ill, she also did not rule. Gerald Fords wife was an alcoholic. What IS important is Bibi win the war, is loved by both Israeli's and American's so, you'd better find more dirt elsewhere, this isn't that interesting. Rather, focus on Michelle obama's lack of a head scarf at King Abdullah's funeral, also obama's 'no show' at both the Paris march against terror and obamas also 'no show' to celebrate the 70th anniversary of freeing of Jews from the Nazi concentration camps.. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
20. Did she use a mail truck, like Kramer and Newman?
wiley defanbach ,   Brainerd, MN   (01.30.15)
Did she use a mail truck, like Kramer and Newman?
21. Wow!
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (01.30.15)
These guys make the State of Israel look like a "bottle republic" . Don;t they have butlers & chefs? Don't they have domestic staff to handle all these little minor task like fixing tables taking out bottles etc. This is insanity.
22. empty bottles
rosie   (01.30.15)
Ha'Aretz is Ha'Aretz. But how low can Ynet go?
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