Report: CIA helped Mossad kill Hezbollah's Imad Mughniyeh
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 31.01.15, 09:53
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1. Last good thing US does?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.31.15)
Seems obama prefers everything Muslim over anything decent. KEEP BUILDING!!!
2. "Mossad agents in Tel Aviv"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.31.15)
This is laughable. It sounds as if CIA agents are conducting the operation from their armchairs in Washington DC. The entire story smells of too much journalistic imaginary license.
3. shadow wars
CJK   (01.31.15)
it is difficult to believe that the americans could prevent israel from pulling the trigger in tel aviv. it is also difficult to believe that after doing all the leg work and setting up the bomb, the americans gave the israelis the job to simply pull the trigger. the americans could easily have pulled the trigger from anywhere in the middle east, including an american warship. the story as written is not credible. the question is why would the obamas all of a sudden make this murky revelation. normally, intelligence agencies do not reveal their most secret operations to the entire world.
4. Obama's got your back Israel
5. Mughniyah
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.31.15)
This was an extrajudicial treachery murder forbidden by all the US and international laws of war. Both "Israel" and, regrettably, the US need to be referred to the International Criminal Court for this crime.
6. Could someone please help me
Jacob   (01.31.15)
with an explanation as to why the media insist on printing the name Mughniyeh when the name is clearly Murniyeh with an R. The name as it is printed is not pronouncable. The same goes for the disputed village of Rajar which is always printed as Raghar. Just wondering.
7. Hehe ,...
split   (01.31.15)
No one believes that the Mossad botchers could have done it with limited collateral damage anyway, their trademark is leveled city block and bunch of woman and children like in case of Salah Shehade ,...
8. the americans 'helped' because he did know too
much about their dirty dealings all arounds the world and ME esp. and to send a signal to his brethren: shut up, otherwise..... and as surplus: at the end of the day they looked whom they could give THEIR job order to whitewash them.
9. the spare tire and the bomb
the idea that the bomb was planted in a spare tire is ridiculous. a spare tire can be removed at any time by the driver. furthermore, as pictures show, the explosion damaged mainly the front passanger seat, not the trunk of the car.
10. What American Pres. does not, #4?
Cameron ,   USA   (01.31.15)
11. #5 Graczek: sorry things weren't done to your approval..
Rafi ,   US   (01.31.15)
12. Runner-up for misinformation story of the year.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.01.15)
Too many problematic components to take this story seriously. With x number of Israeli operatives running around Damask, especially at this juncture in history, why the need to engage an operation with so many moving parts? Odd release.
13. Mughniyeh's dead end, his kid too, anybody else?
Jew 6Pack ,   America is beautiful   (02.01.15)
a brother?, sister? mommy dearest? collect the whole set...
14. cia lying. trying to get credit for something it can no long
ralph   (02.01.15)
Carry out. Under Obama and democrats it is an impotent error driven version of the key stone cops.
15. if true, if the cia is not trying to embellish its role the
ralph   (02.01.15)
then its obama bringing up past presidents to fool us into thinking he supports israel. he doesn't. the question should be not what you done in the past but what are you doing for me now. other wise. this is spin only to fool people.
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