Lieberman: Third Lebanon war is inevitable
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 01.02.15, 10:31
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1. do not politicise Israel's national security
CJK   (02.01.15)
you sat in the security cabinet for years.
2. Speak softly and carry a big stick, Mr. Lieberman.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.01.15)
3. Well, this time around
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.01.15)
Let's just destroy Lebanon. They put Hezbollah in their government. That makes Lebanon responsible. We warned them, and warned them, and warned them -- to no effect. Time for them to learn a bit of reality. Lebanon put Hezbollah in their government. That makes Lebanon entirely responsible for the outrageous attacks against Israel. Since Lebanon has not been able to distance itself from Hezbollah, all of Lebanon will pay the price. Choose your government carefully, Lebanon. Hezbollah will bring about your demise. Sorry, but there is no escaping that. Israel's wrath will be expressed against Lebanon. Next time around, be REALLY careful about whom you let into your government. Allowing Hezbollah to become a part of Lebanon's government was a big mistake. Have no fear -- Israel will teach you a lesson. A richly deserved lesson, I might add. Does the state of Lebanon actually believe that they deserve a free pass? Well, it doesn't. As Israel will teach you, in no uncertain terms.
4. If Liberman was PM WW3 in inevitable
Miriam   (02.01.15)
5. #4, History Repeats
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (02.01.15)
Miriam Chamberlain. While Lieberman intones in Churchillian urgency the rise of the 21st century Hitler - radical Islam - you and your ilk cowardly warn WWIII is inevitable if Lieberman were PM. I'll clue you, had Churchill been listened to in the early 1930s, Hitler would have been dispatched and the would not have been a WWII ! So zip it, you yellow-bellied worm and listen to the adults like Lieberman so that WWIII (which has already begun) could be made a little shorter and less bloody. Learn from history or be condemned to repeat it!
6. Getting Desperate For The Water In The Latani River?
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.01.15)
Israeli has been dying for an excuse to take its border to the Latani River. All that water and a natural border. So LIEberman and the rest of the Israeli warmongers are slobbering all over themselves to start a new war to achieve this goal. Those weasels (and Sarah) should be given rifles and helmets and an offer to lead the attack.
7. Fighting the Last War
Joe ,   Israel   (02.01.15)
Fighting to the last war should be left to historians and generals
8. to World citizen
Airdrone pilot ,   World   (02.01.15)
There are not only water and trees all the way up to Litani river: there are more than 30 thousand hezbolah missiles pointing towards israeli children and women. It is about time to clean theses worms from Litani to south border of Lebanon.
9. Liebermann is unfortunately correct
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (02.01.15)
It is unfortunate that weak responses only bring bolder attacks, but that is the nature of the Muslim terror organization. They keep pushing until they feel they can get away with mayhem. If we don't smash them thoroughly they see us as weak. Liebermann is correct, unfortunately.
10. To Airdrone pilot, World
Hezbollah ,   South of Litani   (02.01.15)
Just to correct your outdated information: South of the Litani we are in possession of not 30,000, but more than 150,000 missiles. And when i say missiles, i don't mean those that punch holes in your walls, but those that can bring your buildings down. I guess your drone needs some new improved eye glasses.
11. ground invasion or just air & artillery?
Cameron ,   USA   (02.01.15)
12. leiberman is correct
marcel   (02.01.15)
while lieberman is not the most trustworthy, he is more reliable than nachman shai and sima kadmon who say that idf should not have hit the convoy in the north so as not to invite retaliation which the idf should know would come with certainty. This is a form of appeasement that emboldens nasrollah. Bibi and yaalon's mantra of calm for calm simply sustains hamas and nasrollah since no advantage is created for israel. Bibi cannot run a large land battle and yaalon has been adversely influenced by bibi. Herzog, livni and lapid are even worse since they would run to obama to sort it out and woujld leave it tothe idf in their ignorance. The idf needs direction, encouragment and planning that molds their planning into the proper tactics. IDF needs to stockpile thousands of land based missiles to fire on demand to equalize terror. This they have not done to this point. All idf vehicles need the trophy system now and the factory should be producing them 24/7 since kornet antittank missiles can be shot iwht acurracy from5 km away. The idf needs to send in large forces(not dribble in small forces as olmert and livni did in 2006) from several directions to wipe out as much enemy as possible For every missile launched at israel, idf needs to hit back also commercial interests, like beirut airport, powers stations, dockyards, gas stations en mass. Instead as lieberman points out the idf acts like wuses, like herzog who thinks livni would be a good defense minister, like lapid who urged bibi to ceasefires early in gaza, and like livni who believes that her UN lebanon resolution was effective when in fact it is garbage, junk, worthless. It may be that when israel suffers 5000 dead from hezbollah attacks, the public will call for feiglin who taking power would destroy lebanon lock stock and barrel
13. Lieberman: time.....
sam tayar ,   Canada   (02.01.15)
As always your comment is spot on. Rather than "Time for them to learn a bit of reality", better :Time to TEACH them a bit of reality". They will never learn.
14. == WWIII is inevitable anyway
American ,   Los Angeles   (02.02.15)
15. the only one who sees reality as is
meir levi ,   zichron yaa'kov   (02.03.15)
16. It's time Israel stay clear of the day of reconning
Avi L.   (02.04.15)
It's time for Israel to stay clear of the day of reconning that will take place (hopefully and probably) in Lebanon between Hezballah and the other tribes. After the killing of top Hezballah and Iran commanders, Hezballah just put up a face saving show of killing two soldiers (already two too many for us) . Hezballah is too busy in Syria and Iraq and already feels the presence of "radical" ISIS and others in Lebanon. Assad (and the Alawis) is as good as dead without Hezballah and Iran support. If, by any chance, Hezballah and Iran aren't able to win in Syria, it will show that the shia militia, who built its position on military power, is not strong enough, that it is weak. And weakness calls for aggression. The day this will happens, let's stay clear of all of this. Just watch from outside Sunnis, Shias, Alawis, Druze, Christians going at each others throats, shifting allegeances, in a scenario similar to the one of the '80s. If Hezballah threatens us, but for now they are not in the position to do it, if it threaten us, let's give the last push to Assad and let everything unravel. Let's keep away from Lebanon. Lieberman could try and talk down that Putin there and do this way something more useful instead of pushing the country into another quagmire.
17. #10 - they'll be useless against ISIS, al-Nusra
Avi L.   (02.04.15)
All those missiles will be useless against the ISIS, al-Nusra, Druzes, Sunnis, Christians. You know very well that with Israel your families are safe, they won't be against all those you have tramped under you feet in the last 20 years. You know very well that they will go into your homes and cut everybody throats, some eggs too. You know very well that the real threat for you is the rest of the middle east. The way you destroyed cities in Syria, will be the way they'll want to destroy your neighborhood, your cities, your villages. You aren't even able to defend your former patron Assad against insurgents. Don't look beyond the border, look behind your back. Sleep well
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