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Likud accuses Zionist Camp of breaking election funding law
Itay Blumental, Moran Azulay
Published: 01.02.15, 15:04
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1. this is obama and left interfering why they must be severel
ralph   (02.01.15)
Defeated. They belong in the garbage pail of history.
2. Funny
Daniel   (02.01.15)
Likud has no problems taking millions from foreign millionaires themselves, but apparently it's wrong when others do it.
3. Likud acting like 8-year olds!
Eldar ,   Haifa   (02.01.15)
Caught red-handed with their thieving hands in the cookie jar, the Likud cry "I didn't do it - it was them"! What wimps. Would be funny if the Likud wasn't trying to hide all of their nefarious deeds!
4. Donor List
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (02.01.15)
If you look on One Voice's donor list, you will find the name Mohammad Abbas. You won't find a more egregious, in-your-face group of Israel subverters on the face of this Earth. Unless, perhaps, if you include barack obama's henchmen who are behind V15.
5. V15 and Jeremy Bird want Obama
Rozie   (02.01.15)
to deliver a Palestinian state to Obama's radical left wing supporters such as George Soros and his gang. Obama has done ZERO for this world. Maybe MINUS. Obamas policies only caused chaos and disaster all over the world. He lives on clouds that he built. He wants to leave his office with some sort of legacy. Wants that legacy to be on the back of Israel. Search out the background of Jeremy Bird. He was an anti-Israel activist at Harvard.
6. sheldon adelson dooesn't exactly live in Dimona
avramele   (02.01.15)
Yisrael Hayom is a daily campaign broadsheet for Likud. Bibi employs Republican consultants (like the loser who blew Eric Cantor's reelection) just as the zionist camp and yesh atid employ more liberal foreign consultants. Also note that Obama, who will never run again, has no control over those who worked in his last campaign. They like their Republican counterparts are political Samurai loyal to the highest bidder.
7. #6
Thanks to the statute of limitations, Herzog cannot be punished for crimes committed in Amutot Barak. He could come clean and explain what he did. Why does he refuse to explain what he did? What is he afraid of?
8. #2
There are election funding laws and Herzog, Livni and Netanyahu can accept funding from foreign millionaires. The questions are: How much money is Obama's US state department giving One Voice? How much money is One Voice investing in anti-Bibi ads to install Herzog as PM? Will Herzog have a conflict of interest if he is installed as PM thanks to a foreign state? Should voters know where Herzog is getting his money, or should they be kept in the dark like Livni wants?
9. Vote Leftist loos Israel
Voting for the leftist, means Jews will loss the only country we have called Israel. Jews will be scattered all over the world under European and other nations. G D forbid we loos Israel, we will suffer as before. To have a country then VOTE LIKUD !!!!!!!!
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