Iran to host Holocaust denial cartoon competition
Published: 01.02.15, 20:12
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1. "Iran's House of Cartoon" = Khamenei
Benji ,   US   (02.01.15)
Draws negative attention to Iran and reminds the civilized world that Iran is a primitive terror state and must be treated as such.
2. Cartoon Competition of Holocaust
Jack ,   Springfield USA   (02.01.15)
There is a lesson. There is no Fatwa against the lives of these cartoonists. We Jews haven't asked our gangs to put out a contract on their lives or the organizers lives. This is what is what separates the civilized world from the savage barbaric one. Everyone would like to know what Mohammed looked like so we can avoid creating an image of him. By the way the Qua'ran does not call for war because of this and it started from an oral history that Mohammed had commanded it. This brings up other questions. Most prophets would be honored to have their image remembered. He wasn't on the run was he and that would explain not wanting to have his image cast. Whatever, this is part of your religion for you to observe. I have no intention of following the dictates of Islam, I am not Muslim. Do you follow dictates of Christianity and kneel to the Cross and bless the Father, the son and holy ghost?No! Do you follow the dictates of Judaism and not drive on Saturday? No! So why and the Hell do you even begin to think i'm going to follow Islam?
3. Holocaust Denial
B ,   Edmontoncanada   (02.01.15)
the posted cartoon of an Israeli crane lifting blocks in place around the domed building is in a sense reality.The Jews have to build a wall to keep the Arab terrorists out !The place displayed on the wall is a death camp,so it is fitting that within the walls of the domed building comes death
denny ,   chicago   (02.02.15)
I thiink Israel should start cerculating Persian cartoons written in Saudi, hey?
5. Real cultural
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.01.15)
Oh, the current United States Congress is going to have a field day with Iran! We're going to hold a contest -- how deeply can we set the sanctions? Iran is a disgusting toilet bowl of paedophile worshipers. The world will be a far better place without them.
6. Obama's negotiating partner & Holocaust denial cartoons
C   (02.01.15)
the genocidal shia terror regime is hosting a holocaust denial cartoon competition. the barbaric behaviour of this regime does not perturb obama who keeps negotiating with them.
7. Depraved
Zechariah   (02.01.15)
The Islam ought have offered refugee to all the Jews of Europe through Turkey .Then Islam would be one of the superpowers. The USA took in ninety thousand and USSR quarter of a million .They are the SuperPowers .Some Iranians are Ghengis Khan Genocidalists Purporting Islam .
8. We ain't takin' the bait
Let's riot, NOT   (02.02.15)
Just like we didn't take the bait for Scott Ridley's movie about Moses. My gut tells me he was trying to provoke a similar reaction from the Jews like the one from the Muslims over recent portrayals of Mohamad. The funny thing is that the Muslims are the ones who overreacted to his movie and the Jews yawned or didn't even notice the provocation. What a riot. Hilarious.
9. hey, charlie
mark ,   usa   (02.02.15)
Can you imagine Iran having to pay out winnings, for comic depicting Mohammad saying, "never again", and the hadith scribe saying, "why, because it never happened"
10. above
moishe   (02.03.15)
SICK people, minds, standards. how low can people get to define their so called art? is this what Iran, Iranians and their culture is all about? if they had a bit of decency and self worth they would not resort to this form of cartoon. it is done to inflame the stupid masses against Jews and Israel. (no wonder why so many want to leave Iran.) they may be Moslems but they are heathens at heart.
11. Hollow Indignation
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.04.15)
Who can really be surprised by this silly pseudo-outrage, as we can see here: Drawing images of Mohammed is hardly we see from the site above... going back to at least 1307 AD. With coins that date back to 693 AD. So is there really anything wrong with images of the Prophet? The early Muslim clearly didn't think so!!
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