Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The Likud has a case against NGOs
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 03.02.15, 00:10
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1. The main case against V15 is that is funded by a foreign
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.03.15)
government, indirectly. In its case it is the hostile Obama who ordered the State Department to do the funding.
2. the real question
It is true that YNet supports Herzog and Israel Hayom supports Netanyahu, but good or bad, this is legal. The NGO situation is different., and poses a number of questions. Should the Israeli voter know how much the NGO is investing in getting Herzog elected? Should the Israeli voter know how much Obama is giving the NGO, and whether or not he is trying to install Herzog as his puppet? Should the Israeli voter know that Abbas' son is an executive in the NGO, so Herzog will have a conflict of interest when he negotiates with Abbas, since he owes Abbas his election?
3. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.03.15)
It's not Obama that is funding the NGO -- there are a myriad of shell companies quite distant from the U.S. administration that are funding Obama's pet project. Herzog and Livni are empty suits. One is completely inept and the other is about as reliable as a viper. I prefer to think that the Israeli electorate recognize a moron and a venomous snake when they see them.
4. Right-wingers owe those NGOs thanks
Eldar ,   Haifa   (02.04.15)
It is only due to the diligent work of those NGOs - including the New Israel Fund, Rabbis for Human Rights, B'Tselem and others - that Israelis can continue calling themselves a "vibrant democracy that respects human and civil rights". Without those groups, the settlers, the Likud, Tag Machir, Im Tirtzu and all the rest of the haters of equality and democracy would have there way, and this country would become a very dark place of violence, suspicion, racism and apartheid. So, where is the thanks, Bibiloving talkbackers?
5. #4 why rightwingers?
Hamas owes these NGOs thanks, because without the NGOs' false accusations of war crimes, IDF would have crushed Hamas. Now IDF soldiers have to worry for defending Jews. And what about illegal African migrants? Without the NGOs, they would be back home instead of living in Tel Aviv.
6. Thank you #5
Eldar ,   Haifa   (02.05.15)
... for proving my point. What exactly does "crush Hamas" mean in your military experience? Reduce Gaza to rubble? Slaughter 1.5 million people if that's what it takes to "crush" Hamas? And send the Africans back to where? Are you vaguely familiar with the hell they were going through "there" and the hell they went through to get here? Do even know where "there" is? Yes, a country led by the likes of you is one we should fear.
7. #4 and #6 You really do not have clue what democracy means
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (02.05.15)
ngos funded by the u and other hostile foreign authroties, who basically twist facts and make demonizing propaganda is not what democrcay is all about. But then again for leftwingers, whatever serves them is democracy - see the old soviet union calle ditself a democracy full of human rights. probably this evil regim is your standard in it people like you willing ly ingnoring that it was a brutal dictaorship butchering over 50 million and being of anf on in alliances with all kind of other leftwing regime like the nazis/national SOCIALISTS (look at their action and you see scary similarities with extreme leftwingers like meretz) or mao's communism! Please do not preach on things who have not got the faintest clue what they mean!
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