Bombing victims testify at US trial on PLO role in Israel attacks
Published: 03.02.15, 09:45
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1. What right does the US to be involved in a foreign crime
James   (02.03.15)
2. To: Facebook Pam Kearney
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.04.15)
Oh, you are indeed a moron. For one thing, 6,000 is a gross exaggeration. For another thing, did you expect that Israel would simply allow tens of thousands of missiles and tens of thousands of mortars to be fired at Israeli civilian population centers without defending them? Your argument, dimwit, is with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who deliberately thrust civilians (to the extent there are any) in harm's way. Two things: grow a brain. Then learn math. Until then, have the grace to shelve your insipid and uninformed comments. Did you know that the number of Irish killed by the British Army in a mere span of ten years was three times the number of "palestinian" terrorists killed in Israel since 1948? I'm guessing stupidity is the only thing you're good at. Do us all a favor and take your uneducated self and swan off down the road.
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