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Ancient tablets on display in Jerusalem reveal Jewish life during Babylon exile
Published: 04.02.15, 00:01
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1. Iraq's ancient treasure stolen
raj ,   madras,india   (02.04.15)
Iraq's ancient heritage continues being plundered .israeli's are not ashamed to steal.they steal land from the palestinians & expelling them away from their homes resulting in millions of descendants of palestinian refugees,exiling some of them away in a ghetto called Gaza &making life hell for them..Israel must return this ancient artifact to the government of Iraq.It belongs to them.don't come up with excuses that jewish artifacts belongs to Israel.That item is present day Iraq's ancient past & is it's heritage
2. Are we sure they are not modern fakes?
naro ,   jerusalem   (02.04.15)
I would want a lot more evidence to believe that they are not more than modern fakes.
3. If you can't beat them join them.
That's why we have that woman Babylon the Great spreading pagan Babylonian rule on earth by transforming themselves to be Jews and shaking of any trace or knowledge of been Babylonians. But G-d of Israel rules and know their roots long before they destroyed temple of living G-d in Jerusalem.
4. Ancient Tablets
Brod ,   USA   (02.04.15)
These ancient tablets prove that the Bible is the WORD of GOD and the Bearers of Truth for the salvation of humanity.
5. Reply to number one. 'Stolen'?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (02.06.15)
The article says the tablets were acquired by a London-based collector. That doesn't mean they were stolen. London has one of the world's biggest collections of ancient artifacts in its many museums and galleries and antique dealers. Regarding Israel 20% of Israelis are Arabs. Arab countries are about zero % Jewish. Israel accepted any of the 800,000 Jews pushed out of Arab states in 1948 who wanted to live in Israel. The 700,000 Arabs who left Israel in 1948 are often still in refugee camps because the 24 Arab states still refuse to accept them as equal citizens.
6. Number 2. Are they fake?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (02.06.15)
The paint is dry, so what more evidence do you require?
7. give us a break:¬†Wasnt is the U.S.Army what killed almost all museums in Iraq
after invading/ now occured in London... very interesting..! But anyhow, #2 is right, it looks a little bit too homogenous; can be modern forgery for re-writing history in special directions or and the 'simple way' give the 'collector' the chance after exhibiting in a well-known State Museum to kosherise and than to sell for xxl-dollars.. If it is original, it should be given back to Iraq.
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