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Jordanian king vows 'relentless' war on Islamic State's own ground
Reuters, Ynet
Published: 04.02.15, 21:58
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1. What leaders do!
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (02.04.15)
The King of Jordan retaliated eye for eye tooth for tooth. What did Obama do when Americans were beheaded.....played a round of Golf!!!
2. bomb oil fields controlled by the savages
C   (02.04.15)
deprive them of much of their revenues from the sale of oil. such bombing will also hurt the genocidal assad regime which buys oil from these savages.
3. #1
The Europeans, PLO and Obama hail Abdullah as a great hero for executing two helpless prisoners, and Obama wants to give Jordan weapons. If Israel did not give good enough food to an Arab prisoner, Europeans would condemn Israel of war crimes and Obama would order an arms embargo. It is no wonder that Israel is losing the war
4. Hahahahahha! Cannot make this stuff up!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.05.15)
"Lebanon's Hezbollah group issued a condemnation of the killing of Al-Kaseasbeh, urging Arab and Western countries to refrain from supporting terrorist groups and terming it a "brutal and heinous crime", Lebanese newspaper the Daily Star reported on Wednesday."
5. #3???
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (02.05.15)
I'm a bit confused about your response to my comment? But certainly, the prisoners executed were condemned Terrorists. I wouldn't call them innocent or "helpless" victims.
6. Hypocritical Hezbolla! They do same every
sifter ,   chicago   (02.05.15)
They do same, burn alive, every time they detonate an Israeli bus.
7. are ISIS smart?
Is this a clever ploy to topple Abdullah?
8. I predict
Devorah   (02.05.15)
A series of extreme power struggles will eventually occur, and IS members will start killing one another.
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