Top US Jewish leaders calls on Netanyahu to cancel Congress speech
Published: 07.02.15, 21:49
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1. Support Israel Law Centre instead of the ADL
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.08.15)
The ADL are Obama lapdogs, who deserve no support whatsoever. The Israel Law Centre successfully sues terrorists, stops flotillas etc. Support it instead of the ADL.
2. US and israel should part ways!
James   (02.07.15)
3. Foxman
C   (02.07.15)
obama hates israel and he hates netanyahu. obama is willing to sign a capitulation deal with iran, letting that totalitarian genocidal terror regime keep virtually intact its nuclear weapons program. obama does not want netanyahu to tell the truth about iran's nuclear weapons program to congress and the american people. you should not interfere in this matter.
4. "No honor amongst thieves" per quote blow from article:
Rafi ,   US   (02.08.15)
" Likud officials beginning to speak out against Boehner publicly, Netanyahu could be planning to plant the seed for an excuse to cancel his visit..." All (Bibi and Boehner) are a bunch of snakes... total politicians with no scruples or reliability... each following their own agenda. Goes without saying that NONE of this has to do with Iran or Israel's security.
5. Come on, Foxman deserves at least....
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (02.08.15)
as much respect as Sharpton.
6. Foxman and obama have GOT TO GO!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (02.08.15)
miserable cowards would rather attack truth than treason. America has never had a more hostile ill informed and bigoted anti semite as a leader ( I use that word advisedly) as is obama. IMPEACHMENT Is over due. KEEP BUILDING !!!
7. the answer should be no no and no again. go, go go
ralph   (02.08.15)
8. #3
Harold ,   USA   (02.08.15)
How can you say Netanyahu knows more that Obama about what Iran is doing. Wise-up
9. @ 3
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (02.08.15)
Bibi hates Obama and the American people. He wants to push America into a war to bleed our military and drain our treasure. If he was sincere he would be addressing his own parliament and the Israeli public to mobilize them for war. A true leader will tackle the problem on it's own. He barks barks barks about Iran and does nothing, nada, zilch. He should MAN-UP and mobilize his military and march on Tehran. We will support the IDF all the way to Tehran and will cheer while they hang the Ayatollah in Tehran square just like we did Saddam. That worked out very well for us, now its the vaunted IDF's turn.
10. I would be very disappointed if Bibi cancelled speech !
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.08.15)
11. If Mr. Sheldon Adelson asks Netanyahu 2 stand down, he will!
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (02.08.15)
The truth of the matter is this: Mr. Sheldon Adelson is Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu's biggest financial backer. Mr. Sheldon Adelson is also the biggest financial backer of many Republicans on the Hill. Mr. Sheldon Adelson is "right" (politically right-wing, that is) on all matters related to Israel. Mr. Sheldon Adelson is NOT a citizen of Israel. Mr. Sheldon Adelson is a wealthy American-Jew who is intervening in the internal politics of the State of Israel. Mr. Sheldon Adelson is free to tell the Republican Party in the United States what to do because with his contributions he has paid for that right. ("Ba'al ha'mea, who ba'al ha de'a" - Hebrew="The owner of the money is the owner of the opinion") Mr. Sheldon Adelson is NOT free to tell the State of Israel and her citizen's what to do or believe no matter how much money he contributes to Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu and his party. If Mr. Sheldon Adelson were really a wise and considerate man, he would either direct the Republican Congressmen to reschedule Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu's speech or direct Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu to "Stand Down" In other words, Mr. Foxman is directing his request to the wrong person...he should be speaking to Mr. Sheldon Adelson.
12. about US-Iran relations & Mr. Sheldon Adelson
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (02.08.15)
If Mr. Adelson is really interested in doing something positive about the United States-Iran relations he should definitely be looking at who is supplying Iran with Uranium and other construction materials and know how...a simple internet search into the natural resources of Argentina and Uruguay will give him a starting point. By playing it this way, that is pushing Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu into doing his bidding Mr. Adelson is merely showing all of is that he's smart enough to have made a great deal of money but blind enough not to know how to get the best benefits for what he is purchasing. Perhaps because he's a bereaved father (he lost a son to a drug overdose) his judgment is clouded.
13. not unlike American Jews of the 1930s
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (02.08.15)
American Jewish leaders tend to be very insecure & are always afraid of their loyalty being called into question. It's for mainly this reason most Jewish leaders did not pressure FDR to do more to help Jews during the Shoah, such as allow Jewish refugees to enter the US. So it's not too surprising that leftist American Jewish leaders are siding with democrats over Netanyah ucoming to convince Congress not to allow a bad deal that will allow a nuclear Iran to endanger Israel. This is the biggest threat to face Israel since the Holocaust & it would be irresponsible for him as the leader of the Jewish people to remain silent. Even if it makes him unpopular with the liberals.
14. The Muslim Bomb
V.R.Sonti ,   Larenceburg IN, USA   (02.08.15)
Iran already HAS n-weapons supplied by Pakistan and missile technology contracted by Rafsanjani with Dr. Abu'lKamal who went on to become President of India. Don't kid yourself. The question Iran faces is how best to use it. The consensus is that the Muslim World should leave it to The US and the EU to settle with their protégé, Israel. Dr. A.Q. Khan now in protected custody (LOL!) had some early versions transported in pieces by dhows that travel freely in the Gulf.
15. American influence on Israel
reuven blank ,   palm beach fl   (02.08.15)
All Americans should stay out trying to influence Israeli politics.Israelis can figure it out for themselves
16. they are wrong. history will show bibi is correct.
ralph   (02.09.15)
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