Arab-Israeli peace initiative is the only way
Danny Yatom
Published: 11.02.15, 00:06
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1. Lands will need to be Considerable
Zechariah   (02.11.15)
If we go by the Principle of the 1967 lines before the Six Day War and Is??rael wants to keep the settlement and the Jordan Valley the Land swap is 2-3000 sq km of Islamic Israel but where ?There is the green triangle and the chechalutz sands but Demilitirization of Gaza and the Palestinian West Bank is the Obstacle.. and its big .Futher many of the refugees are Islamic Jihadi even ISIS or Fatay Ba'ath can they be so close to Israel. with smuggled rockets arms and rebuilt tunnels .There cannot be a change in the Population ratios that exist now that has to be a Security Modal Status .Arabs will not accept this .
2. Arab Israeli peace initiate is certain to solve economics
David ,   New york   (02.11.15)
Oslo really did help: more than 1000 Jews were killed because of Oslo. Now, think of all the savings: all the money saved by not having to pay for those retirements and not having to pay for nursing homes for those people, since they never got to grow old.
3. Should we "give back" Golan too? What Arab states?
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.11.15)
I bet ISIS has something to say about that, if the premise was even correct. Unlike the West, the biggest enabler of Muslim intransigence to Israel's existence since oil, ISIS is willing to fight and die for what it believes in. The ISIS jihadis are sleeping in their jackets on the desert floor, sharpening their knives for the next slaughter. Meanwhile "moderate" Muslim regimes and their western sponsors attend "official" diplomatic parties and engorge themselves on shrimp cocktail and lamb shank while debating what to do about ISIS, Obama's "junior varsity squad". Guess where this is headed? The Land will go to he that wants it the most... over the long-run. Israel got to where it is, initially by faith, Holocaust, international fiat and heavy use of force when the IDF knew what it stood for. It's not going anywhere unless we cave in. Wake up everybody. It's the blind leading the blind.
4. Danny Yatom Peace Initiative
Naomi Shapiro ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.11.15)
How about circulating petitions or documents for all of us citizens who agree with this to sign -- let us show our concern and our unity that the "powers that be" can't refuse or deny.
5. Historically proven REALITY = Wars Cost wealth
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (02.11.15)
10000 years of human history has clearly documented that wars costs countries most of their wealth. In fact, many countries went bankrupt because of wars. If Israelis want to have a good economic future, Israel MUST figure out how to live with their neighbor's in peace. Continued Israeli belligerence will just bankrupt Israel over time. So Israelis have a simple choice: (1) negotiate with their neighbors and give up lots of land, water and cash so Israel will have a good future, or (2) continue to be belligerent and definitely have a bad economic future and possibly lose a final war. It is a simple logical choice. Choose a good future or a bad future.
6. This is a good initiative. The Great Powers will mandate it.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.11.15)
This is an excellent article and the writer's intentions are magnificent. But can the Arabs and Israelis be counted upon to collaborate? It is hard for realists to believe in dreams these days. The decision by the UN and the Great Powers should be clear and mandatory: either the Arabs and Israelis sign the peace agreement by a certain date themselves or the Powers will mandate it and impose it. Even if a peace agreement is signed, monitoring its implementation by outside observers will be necessary. If violations will occur, the Great Powers should be there to intervene and set the sides straight on the road to peaceful coexistence. After so many years of conflict the Great Powers will be involved, it is obvious. Enough is enough and the war mongers on both sides can no longer be tolerated.
7. People/ideas like Yatom make me wanna get up& leave, really!
8. He is only saying:Give the Arabs...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.11.15)
another chance
9. Yatom op-ed
Levi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.11.15)
Here is someone we all need to take seriously. Thoughtful and well-argued.
10. Illusions
Haim ,   Ra'anana   (02.11.15)
Once again You continue to delude yourselves -- Do you really think Israeli citizens are fools???
11. Watch terrorist supporters from both sides
come out hysterically against this plan.
The key is the HATRED FOR JEWS that existed well before Israel existed. It is a hatred for Jews, ……ALL JEWS….. anywhere in the world.  Unfortunately compromise is not in the vocabulary of the Palestinians. It is that Israel blinked and they gained the victory on that path of one nation, Islamic from the river to the sea.
No matter what Mahmoud Abbas  obtains, the Palestinians will keep demanding more and more. Current polling by Palestinian academics indicate more than 85% of West Bank Palestinians reject a 2 state solution and an overwhelming majority view a 2 state solution as a step toward redeeming sacred Moslem lands (  100 % of  the current state of Israel) Remember, the goal of the PA is a Jew-free West Bank and East Jerusalem As long as the Palestinians  demand that any area they takeover should be Jew-free. ; maintain that even if they get a State, the residents  of the camps on the West Bank, in Jordan, Syria, etc. would not be citizens of this new state  but would have the right of unlimited return to the state of  Israel; and that all of Israel is unredeemed Islamic territory... THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE.

13. Peace Negotiations
Joe ,   Israel   (02.11.15)
Ideally, direct negotiations would be conducted with the PA as the representative of the Palestinian people.However, Hamas does not allow the PA to be flexible in negotiations and is opposed to a two state entity. Moreover,the current strategy of Abbas is counter-productive to a diplomatic solution. Meddling from a distance, are Turkey and Iran, non-Arab states. While Lebanon may have signed the 2002 and 2007 initiative, has Hezbolah agreed to the initiative?
14. first see
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (02.11.15)
Wishful thinking of the author of this aricle. First see it said the blind! But,... we all want peace, a real peace
15. Danny Yatom should be commended...
BBSNews ,   Santa Fe, New Mexico   (02.11.15)
...for writing what I wrote here often and at Haaretz for more than the last ten years. It's finally good to see at least one Israeli official that is willing to embrace peace on realistic grounds.
16. Wonderful plan BUT will Pals accept it or do they just want
Alan ,   SA   (02.11.15)
do they just want Jews to disappear. Remember its hard for a Jew to go back to Europe as Muslims now control that continent. Also hard for the Sephardi Jews to go back to Arab lands as they were killed and maimed before being kicked out with nothing assets.! A brilliant suggestion by Amajinebad was that Jews go to Alaska .brrrr! So we hand over to the Abbas group-but within a few months they "surrender" to a bad hardline Jihadi group like say IS or HezbShatan and we back where we started and in a worse situation. My daughter wanted to marry Prince William . i approved but the Queen made difficulties . She did not grant approval....My daughter was so disappointed!
17. Blessed are the ignorant
Bart Benschop ,   Claremont West Aust   (02.11.15)
Dear Sir, Peace between Muslims and non Muslims is forbidden under Al Shari'iah. This peace proposal is simply Al Taqiyya, a lie in the Name of Allah, His Name be praised. Muslims are oblidged to lie, cheat and mislead non Muslims.
18. Pre-1967 borders
Lauren ,   Sioux city   (02.11.15)
The opinions being voiced in this article is ridiculous! Have you all forgotten that in 1967 the Arabs started it, and tried to drive Israelis into the sea? All because they wanted the whole of Israel. Israelis died to get their entire promise land back. Arabs lost their land because of that. But now we should ignore the fact that Israelis earned that land? Plus look back in history, every time they gave to the Arabs, they came back wanting more. Giving in to them WILL NEVER keep peace. To the Muslim population we the Jews are slime that deserves annihilation. It's brain washed into them. There is no doubt in my mind that if we went back to the 67 borders it would not be long before they challenge for the rest.
19. Give me a break.
phill ,   Jackson Mi.   (02.11.15)
Is it actually possible that this author believes this nonsense? It is impossible to believe that people like this actually still exist .There is a better chance of me having lunch with Frosty the Snowman next week than the Arabs ever accepting peace with a Jewish state.
20. Congratulations, Major-General.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (02.12.15)
I congratulate Major-General Danny Yatom for his excellent text above. He must be listened and followed. It is always good to say: Israelis, radicalism is inocuous. Your State needs military strength, but also a permanent fidelity to democratic and humanistic principles.
21. Please, get up and leave...
Sarah ,   Israel   (02.12.15)
22. The key point of discussion: Oslo pact
The other things does not matter: You are for Oslo or you are against. Bibi and Buba should debate Oslo.
23. No Haq al Aouda (Right of Return) for Palestinians - No Deal
Gil Yashar ,   Golan   (02.13.15)
The problem with Yatom's plan is that even with its generosity the Palestinians will not accept it. No right of return, no deal.
24. To no.20
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (02.14.15)
It is quite pleasant to "stumble" over a familiar name...Hello, Mr. Haddad... Hope all is good... While your post is positive in general. I must opine... If Israel is not keeping fidelity to their allies, then none of any democratic states are... Could you give an example, when Israel was not acting with "humanistic" principles ? We save the lives of Palestinians every day in too many ways..to mention, despite their hate and desire to kill us...
25. To N 24
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (02.14.15)
Mr's Jennie, it is very good to see you again in Ynet. You are right. Israel, despite of several aggressions, did never betray its humanistic principles. I only criticize some radical leaders and political parties that wish to expel Arab dwellers to Jordan or Gaza. Firmness is always necessary, because of several aggressions that you have suffered. But keeping moral strength. Warm Salutes for you, your husband and all your relatives.
26. Letting "Palestine" fall is the only path to peace
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.15.15)
Peace is impossible as long as Israel pays homage to fictional "Palestine". This fictional entity was concocted only as an excuse to destroy Israel. The mad flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, work permits etc. is all that keeps the "Palestine" hoax afloat. Ending all support for "Palestine", and letting it fall, is the only path to peace. Israel will know peace when we claim our land wholeheartedly.
27. Former Chief of Mossad
Eugene Levich ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (02.15.15)
I read with interest the article by Danny Yatom on Israeli-Arab peace initiative. The extent of delusion is extraordinary. In the time when global jihad waged by Muslim extremists is raging on all continents affecting dozens of Christian countries and hundreds of millions, even China, to talk smugly of 57 Muslim countries ready to make peace with Israel is the pinnacle of naivete. However, history shows that former military leaders and heroes have been often among the most naive leaders. They may in part be driven by unconscious fear of their past first hand experience. Great Israeli scientist Yuval Neeman who had done more for Israel's security and deterrence than most military and intelligence leaders together used to tell me of the extent the trauma of 1973 October war affected the psyche of Israeli leaders negotiating the Oslo agreements. Providence save us from former leaders of Mossad making peace with Arabs.
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