The roller coaster of election polls
Baruch Leshem
Published: 10.02.15, 23:37
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1. Funny: I thought that "we get it" right from the beginning.
The pathetic attempts at making elections all about getting rid of ONE MAN because....(????!!?) If Likud doesn't win by landslide, I shall seriously contemplate my family's future here. I would also venture to say, that if Israelis don't "get it" now, surely we don't deserve this opportunity of having our own country. Nuff said.
2.  Herzog because
he'll abolish the draft for them
3. haredim will surely vote for Herzog because
CYC   (02.11.15)
he'll abolish the draft for them.
4. Haha, as israelis we long understood the left's message
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (02.11.15)
which is that they will be cooperating with whoever will destroy the country in return for some power over jews and a pet on the head. How much blood money does the legt, inclyuding ynet get from jewhaters like obama and the u to further the arab agenda and to destroy the country? They are in love with their status as "hofjuede"!
5. candidates
john ,   toronto   (02.13.15)
None of the candidates offer change.Elections should take place only after viable candidates are given. Likud is the party that should be barred till its representation of the people is fair.
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