PM backtracks on dismissal of Israel Prize judges
Itamar Eichner
Published: 13.02.15, 10:16
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1. get rid of leftist stooge orgs entirely
bernard ross   (02.13.15)
the left politicized everything so first the slate must be wiped clean
2. cheap prize full of old farts well past their due date
ralph   (02.13.15)
3. Sarahle
simon marriott ,   haifa   (02.13.15)
Maybe he is just trying to work it so his bloody wife can win it for her contribution to satire!
4. The crux of the matter...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.13.15)
BB is trying to control all free choice/opinion exactly as did his namesake - Big Brother!
5. ahh the irony of history
avramele   (02.13.15)
Even from the grave, bibi's father governs his paranoia and blunders. The father claiming persecution by elites who returned to self exile in America sending bibi to a public school (as opposed to Herzog whose ambassador father sent him to an Orthodox day school). And of course it was Amos Oz's uncle who was the senior Netanyahu's mentor and sponsor in Jerusalem. My guess is that when Bibi leaves office he too will move to America indulging in all the pistachio ice cream sheldon adelson can afford.
6. #5, irrelevant details
Jake   (02.14.15)
I see no "irony" in anything you've written. Just a weaving together of tidbits or irrelevant, extraneous information to build up a straw man.
7. israeli cowards
hy   (02.14.15)
herzo backs down from petitionning against jew hating zoabi under arab pressure. Bibi now backs down from removing radical judges on commitee under pressure from weinstein. How on earth do israels elect such weaklings-livni, peretz, yechamimovtich, bibi, olmert, peres. You people are nuts. Vote for people who can do and who have guts, Vote for kulano or bennett
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