Wiesel backs Netanyahu speech highlighting division in American Jewry
Published: 13.02.15, 08:51
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1. Iran negotiations
US and the rest of the world were not concerned with Iraq or Syria's Nuclear reactor. US was caught off guard with North Korea nuclear bombs, so what makes US so sure that it will be able to detect when Iran crosses the red line? The red line should not be after Iran builts the bomb. Why not offer Iran the same nuclear energy capability that we have offered India?
2. Besides Eli Wiesel - Jordan and Saudi Arabia
decity   (02.13.15)
-most probably - support Netanyahu's speech. It will be hard to give an intelligent speech. The misguided activists - Amy Goodman, Phyllis Bennis - undermine any decent Iran policy, and hurt even ordinary Iranians and Palestinians and Syrians.
3. Remember BB didnt adress Congress when O stopped Hellfire
Alan ,   SA   (02.13.15)
missiles and ordered Aviation Authority to pronounce BG Airport "unsafe for all aircraft traffic""
4. netanyahu speech in the u.s.
grandma ,   israel   (02.13.15)
I won't vote for Bibi but the world should listen to his reasons why Iran should be stopped. The. U.s. is in danger too not just us in Israel
5. Are you (world viewer) a man or a mouse ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.13.15)
That is the question that relates to all this debate about Netanyahu's speech in Congress. Do you really want to hear the truth or would you rather hide under bedcovers till Iran's nuclear ability strikes you dead? This is not politics, people - this is survival.
6. In this BB a "representative of the entire Jewish people."
Alan ,   SA   (02.13.15)
He speaks for me and all of us!
7. Netanyahu's speech
nadya ,   California, USA   (02.13.15)
Why is it important hearing Bibi's speech? We've heard what he has to say many, many times, believe me it will be nothing new. He's shown nothing but arrogance and absolute disrespect for the POTUS. Why should Americans show him any courtesy, I say show him the door. Israel is a small country in the scheme of things, there are proper ways to do things, we can't let them get away with this behaviour. If our President showed up in the Knesset without Bibi's approval, he'd be slammed and shamed.
8. Bravo, Elie Wiesel!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.13.15)
If the Jewish people wherever they live wish to remain deaf, dumb and blind, it's all on them. Don't come running to Israel when the Democratic Party in the United States -- or their equivalent in other countries -- turn their backs on you. You had your chance, You let it pass you by. Too bad for you. Convert to Islam, why don't you? You abandoned us -- we will abandon you. Go find someone to help you. Good luck with that one. But you turned your backs on the Jewish State and GUESS WHAT? We're turning our backs on you. Good luck.
9. I hope there are enough smart Israelis...
Scott ,   Haifa   (02.13.15)
who will see the hypocrisy of the American President who says, "It is US protocol not to meet world leaders before national elections", while at the same time sending his cronie Jeremy Bird to be working actively against Natanyahu in Israel and Israeli media. May it all backfire on Obama, and may there be better days ahead for America with a different president!
10. Bibi speaks for me; Jeremy Ben-Ami does not
JeffE ,   USA   (02.14.15)
The fact that the debate about Bibi Netanyahu forthcoming speech is anything other than about discussion of the Iranian threat and how the US/Iranian negotiations are worse than useless doesn't show that there is something wrong with Bibi; it instead shows that their is something wrong with Obama and his supporters including JINO's like Jeremy Ben-Ami and his J-Street.. Bibi speaks for me; Jeremy Ben-Ami does not.
11. # 4 Grandma, Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (02.14.15)
I didn't vote for obama and the world will listen to what obama tried to quell, Bibi's speech and his right to free speech that obama doesn't want to any one to hear. Now, thanks to obama's bullying of Israel AGAIN, more people than ever will be listening to Bibi attack truth to obama's fiction. BUILDING MORE IS WINNNG MORE !!!
12. Gaza
Sompolinsky ,   Muskegon, USA   (02.14.15)
Mass attacks from gaza seem to being prepared.
13. The Left against bibi's speech ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.14.15)
is a guarantee it will be a success story.
14. Eli Wiesel supports PM giving speech
M hardesty ,   USA   (02.16.15)
I sfand for Bibi!
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