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High civilian death toll in Gaza house strikes, says report
Associated Press
Published: 13.02.15, 17:36
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1. The Associated Press examined 247 airstrikes?????
DOV ,   USA   (02.13.15)
When did they have the time and resources to run such a study. This cannot be true.
2. The problem with IDF is that has left too much evidence
Avram Goldsmith ,   Canada   (02.13.15)
3. how many of those were actively fighting for hamas
4. Did AP investigate the 133,000 USA caused deaths in Iraq?
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.13.15)
Or the 200,000+ civilian deaths caused by Syria? I guess not- that would have been too much trouble for them. But, OMG! Israel defends itself and in that process, some number of civilians are killed, less than a few thousand, and the AP now becomes Perry Mason, looking for someone to blame! I wonder why the AP didn't ask Hamas why they never stopped firing rockets into Israel? Or why they never stopped digging tunnels into Israel? I guess THAT kind of reporting is something that just eludes the AP, whenever it reports on Israel. Now why might that be?
5. Were Details of Injuries Given?
emanon ,   USA   (02.13.15)
How many had indications of being unwilling human shields? Human shields are a well established terrorstinian fact. Too bad you can't show all the mental scars inlflicted by hamas on its own people to be human shields, but some are physically bound to their posts, just as some homicide bombers are duct taped to steering wheels of their mobile bombs.
6. AP = A.rab P.ropaganda
A ,   Belgium   (02.13.15)
Don't expect to see anything resembling "journalism" from this news source.
7. Now they were the people who voted for a terrorist group to
lord over them right ,   get what you pay for   (02.13.15)
8. Even using low, phony Arab numbers, IDF proven #1 most moral
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (02.14.15)
Even using the low ball Arab numbers of 400 Hamas, 135 Islamic Jihad killed only 2/3 of what IDF documented, those 535 dead are 25% of total fatalities of in the last Gaza war. This 25% is the lowest civilian casualty toll in the last 100 years of world combat far. Israel has nothing to apologize for, nor does the UN have anything legitimate to investigate. Well over 50-70% of total casualties caused by USAAF airstrikes in WW2 were civilians, with less than 10% of bombs hitting targets. Toll was no better in Korea, Vietnam, Irag and Afganistan. Obamas drone war has killed 3000 "enemy" hitting houses and vehicles with no way to tell who else was in them. Are we to believe no civilians were killed? Where is the UN in Syria butchery...they are totally disinterested in 100 times the deaths of Gaza. No UN investigation of the 911 massacres. Israel has an unlimited legal right to use unlimited force to stop firing at its civilian areas, no matter how many enemy civilians have been placed next to the launchers of Iranian rockets, the Geneva Conv. Is clear on this. "Proportionate" force means proportionate to what is required to stop the firing. No limits.
9. Wouldn't it be nice ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.16.15)
.... if AP were to produce a detailed account of the number, gender and age of all the Yazidis who have been massacred? How about the Syrians? How about the Kurds? How about the Afghanis? For that matter, how about the millions of Congolese who have been slaughtered over the past decade? Oh, wait! They won't bother. If the conflict does not involve Israel, there's no interest. Of course, you all do realize that these "statistics" were all provided by Hamas, and those loyal to those bloodthirsty terrorists, right? Talk about skewed results!
10. ICC and AP etc
Linda Bell ,   Scotland   (02.17.15)
The ICC is well named for they are exactly that. Criminals. Why? Because they use this 'organisation' to vent their hatred of Israel and the Jews. The AP are a joke. They could not write one unbiased sentence far less a whole article when it comes to their attitude towards Israel. Israel can hold its head high. They are not perfect but they are not criminals either unlike Hamas and all those other affilliated terrorist groups.
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