Jewish guard dead, two police wounded in shooting at Copenhagen synagogue
Ynet, News Agencies
Published: 15.02.15, 10:33
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1. call for european jews to arm sensitive places
arieh   (02.15.15)
forget about european countries protecting your sensitive schools, synagogues and other places. There is no problem arming yourselves legally.If terror threatens you or anyone else in your viciniity, you've got a gun and a chance rather than listen to the dumb collection of rabbis who said not to arm yourselves. You do not need a seal of approval from your rabbi. Go out and get guns and that applies to israeli jews in jerusalem and judea and samaria. Never mind the idf. They are too slow to react.
2.  Why aren't the police
ky   (02.15.15)
hidden and in plain clothes ? so that they are not able to be targeted and can do a proper job of protecting the innocent. Placing a police car outside the building which is what I assume they must have done, if they were able to shoot them, is about the most stupidest thing you can do in this situation
3. Understamd the source
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.15)
This whole despicable episode was born and raised in Iran. The initial attack at the freedom of expression exposition was not successful. So -- the murderous Islamoterrorists needed another victim. Their blood thirst was not quelled. They wanted to KILL. I wonder how many churches, museums and libraries were passed up until the perfect target presented itself. A Jewish synagogue. Yeah, yeah, we've seen it all before. An obviously and visibly Jewish institution is the perfect target for a Moslem fascist killer. The same story repeats itself across Europe on a daily basis. Oh, the Iranians are way too terrified to tackle Israel directly. They KNOW what the Israeli response will be. But Europe? Europe is a vast, open target. With -- oh, joy! -- unprotected Jews. I do not know what motivates the Iranians. My brain remains fairly high up; I do not extend into the murderous depths that governs a Moslem "brain." I will urge a cautionary note, however. If Europe finds itself unable -- or unwilling -- to protect its Jewish population, Israel will do it for them. We will also express our dismay at Iranian miscreants and their lap dog terrorist puppies. Hezbollah. Hamas. We will exact an appropriate response. But the Europeans need to be put on notice. You are not dealing with human beings. You are dealing with subhuman Islamofascist thugs. Can you handle the problem by your incompetent selves? Or shall Israel show you how it's done? One or another way, Iran and its toadies are encouraging the Jewish exodus from Europe. That will leave Europe broke and helpless. The Europeans can either respond, or they can sink into the abyss. They're headed there, anyway. Why would I care? The Europeans aren't worth saving. Europe is one giant Jewish cemetery. Israel can exact a very swift vengeance. We'll do it anyway, but if you need some help, Europe -- just say the word. Or do you want to see the "queen" wearing a burqa? Your call.
4. Another "zealot shooting up folks in Cop. street"
Alan ,   SA   (02.15.15)
5. The DEADLY religion of peace, ISLAM
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.15.15)
Once again, the evil religion of peace has revealed another killer-product of islam, as like a conveyor belt, - new murderers are continuously produced. In recent years of today, they have streamed into Syria and Iraq, through Turkey which is a free heaven for the islamic terrorists. The islamic-terrorists in Denmark is just one of a kind, and a perfect member of a religion which goal is to murder and kill. The world should start a program to convert those islamic people into hindu faith..
6. Islam is determined to destroy the West
CJK   (02.15.15)
be they shia or sunni genocidal terrorists, they are determined to destroy the west. these totalitarian genocidal imperialists want to impose sharia on the west. they are set on depriving the west of the principles of the enlightenment, including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. however much sunni and shia hate each other, they hate the christian west even more, and they hate the jews who gave birth to the ten commandments even more. supremacist imperialist islam is on the march while the west slumbers in its decadent self. islam uses physical terror, blackmail and the very tools of democracy to achieve its aims. let there be no misunderstanding about present day islam. islam is terrified of modernity which is posited against its medieval ways. the threat from a nuclear iran cannot be overstated. this totalitarian genocidal terror regime was the first to put a fatwa on a man for exercising his right to freedom of speech. interestingly, iran has its interest section in the united states in the embassy of pakistan in washington dc.
7. And Obama says this violence is random hoodlums - LOL
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.15.15)
8. This is religious (i.e. Islamic) inspired terror!
Peter ,   Norway   (02.15.15)
"We feel certain now that it was a politically motivated attack, and thereby it was a terrorist attack," Danish PM states. Wrong! The politically correct elite will not see the truth!
9. Sad. Day for good Arabs and Jews
Fahd Alajmi ,   Riyadh ,KSA   (02.15.15)
This is indeed a bad day for peace and progress and especially for the Jews and Arabs . It serves people who wishes I'll for the regionals ace like Iran and HizbAllah , and Hamass . Fahd Aljami Riyadh
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