Samaria Settler Council under fire for video depicting leftists as anti-Semite collaborators
Published: 15.02.15, 17:26
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1. Many from the Left serve in the IDF .
Zechariah   (02.15.15)
Many of the Left serve in the IDF including the Pioneers The Victors of the Glorious SixDayWar were mainly from the Kibbutzim especially the airforce .Thevictories of the AirForce and their Ground crews were Leftist Victors .The Centre Left will not allow a Militirized Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria the Gaza lesson initiated by the ex Hero of the Right has been thoroughly Learned .Allon the Ex Palmach War hero insisted on IDF Security Control of the Jordan Valley .Left and Right cannot apply to the socioeconomic Gap which the vast majority of Israelis want closed .More settlements mean less Money for the IDF and Protections for the IDF soldier . There will be time in the Future for settlements at Critical Points .
2. The naked truth! A good video!
Corinne ,   Udine, Italy   (02.15.15)
3. Here's what I find funny
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.16.15)
You have all these leftists screeching about this film and demanding its removal. Whatever happened to freedom of expression? Or do only the left-wing have rights to freedom of expression? Remember Orwell's "Animal Farm?" Napoleon's grand statement? "All pigs are equal. Some pigs are more equal than others." Napoleon must have been describing Israel's left-wing.
4. #1, people forget WHO founded and built Israel
Zoro ,   israel   (02.16.15)
Labor-Socialist-Zionist movement has created ALL 5 waves of immigration to Palestine, built-up palestine, established the state of israel, developed israel, saved israel from destruction by winning 4 major wars against the enemies. These were NOT religious people. They were all secular jews. ALL followers of Mapai, Mapam.
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