Report: US cuts Israel out of Iran talks
Yitzhak Benhorin, AP
Published: 15.02.15, 23:30
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1. Sad for US if Iran left to this WH.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (02.16.15)
2. Its about time...
Mark Wilson   (02.15.15)
What took you so long Obama?
3. What goes around comes around.... :)
Heehee hee   (02.15.15)
When Israel decides to hit Iran we won't tell Obama either.
4. bibi joins elite group which includes congress and dems
ralph   (02.15.15)
obama telling no body what he is negotiating which is why nobody trusts him. close adviser said obama purposely not telling anyone because they would not approve. no body of significance believes or trusts him.
5. so bibi knows what he is talking about!
ralph   (02.15.15)
6. US has a better chance
DOV ,   USA   (02.15.15)
of getting Nuked than Israel. I living in the US fear that the sworn enemy of the United States will someday soon fire a nuke aimed at the US. Israel is to close to Iran's allies for them to use it. Politics aside.
7. Obama is running scared. Now it's even more important
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.15.15)
for Netanyahu to speak to Congress.
8. the left is getting desperate & making up stories
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (02.16.15)
9. It is very clear Hussein Obama is taking his mask off
Michael   (02.15.15)
10. US updates superfluous;Result known-US capitulation to Iran
Peter Brown ,   UK   (02.15.15)
US has already agreed to Iran becoming a nuclear power with the ability to deliver its nuclear bomb with its missile delivery systems to Israel and beyond. Any update of talks just re-inforces what everybody knows which is the P5+1 were unable or unwilling to stop Iran becoming a nuclear armed nation. Since June 2004 by prevarication and concealment Iran has progressed its nuclear bomb making capability and its missile delivery technology without any effective halt. The nuclear negotiations have just weakened any diplomatic solution an brought military confrontation and instability to the Middle East that bit closer. The US is pursuing a policy of allowing Iranian influence to extend in the Middle East in pursuit of illusory counterbalance to Isis and other Levantine terror groups which control large swathes of territory.
11. Wendy Sherman
CJK   (02.15.15)
wendy sherman had negotiated the failed nuclear talks with north korea and she is negotiating the failed nuclear talks with iran. history will note that wendy sherman allowed two rogue states to become nuclear states.
12. Short of flying the ISIS flag over the White House, Obama is
not concealing anything anymore.
13. There are ONLY TWO OPTIONS for dealing with Iran
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (02.16.15)
The two options are a negotiated compromise or war. Most of the world, other than Israel and the US congress critters, has decided that negotiating a compromise with Iran is the BEST thing for the world. Israel gets no say in the matter since it is miniscule, powerless country. After an agreement is in place, then Israel will either have to live with it or start a war they can not win. No one on earth will go to war with Iran, especially NOT the USA. Israel has lost this battle.
14. What is wrong with Obama
TR ,   Monterey, CA   (02.16.15)
What is wrong with this man (Obama). I wish I could say more, but it couldn't be printed.
15. Hit them with what, #3?
Cameron ,   USA   (02.16.15)
Simply too difficult for Israel logistically & or in terms of sufficient conventional resources to lay Iran low, or end their nuke drive. Israelis would have struck long ago if they could ever had honestly swung it.
16. Iran and Obama strive for treaty
rbblum ,   Houston US   (02.16.15)
The Obama government does not even take the constitutional republic concerns into account.
17. Israel left out of Iran Talks
RobNclt ,   United States   (02.16.15)
The U.S. White House calling the invitation to Netanyahu a breach of protocol is ridiculous. That white house doesn't know the meaning of breach of protocol, they do it all the time. They bypass congress on almost everything the constitution says congress has to be included in. They make laws that only congress has the authority to make and they change laws that have been passed by congress and it's a breach of protocol and against the law for them to change. These people should have been left out of the loop, they don't like Israel or the United States.
18. Obama
The New York Times admitted that Netanyahu informed Obama of the invitation to address Congress before he accepted. The Leftist meme that Obama was insulted or blindsided is a lie.
19. #14 - there is NOTHING wrong with Obama
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (02.16.15)
He is doing exactly what over 50% of the people in the USA elected him to do, which is why his approval rating keeps increasing. Obama won TWO national elections and it is very unlikely that any republican will win the POTUS in 2016. Overall, the USA is NOT as conservative as the small populations in the USA Midwest and South.(less than 35% of the USA). The postings on Israeli media are very skewed by conservatives that represent only a small part of the USA. The demographics in the USA are changing and Israelis should take that into account when they interact with the USA. The USA is moving away from Israel and will eventually throw Israel overboard.
20. #6 - Worry more about Putin than Iran
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (02.16.15)
If you are worried about being nuked, then you need to seek medical help for your delusional paranoia. The USA has been under threat of attack for over 200 years from Russia, China and a host of other countries, BUT not Iran. Worrying about Iran is on the same level as worrying about the moon falling on your head.
21. Obama's dilemma
Jarhead05 ,   Pensacola, FL, USA   (02.16.15)
Obama's problem is finding a way to toss Israel under Iran's nuclear bus without having to take the blame for it. Our prancing poseur-in-chief doesn't want to risk losing liberal Jewish political contributions, especially from the Hollywood establishment!
22. iran
rex ,   yorba linda, usa   (02.16.15)
Obama says he's a christian, what a clown. Israel should do what is best for Jews, don't wait for barry.
23. President is right
Dssanders ,   Montgomery, AL, USA   (02.16.15)
Those who wish to collude US interests with those of Israel are wrong. The Pres is right to discuss terms with Iran. Iran is the most stable government in the Muslim Middle East and has the potential to bring hegemonic stability to the region. At what cost to US interests? I don't know yet and neither does the American public. We should at least find out. Consider places where we have overlapping interests such as ISIS. We've had the same set of allies in the Middle East since the 70s and it is not getting us the stability we want. We should consider a change.
24. totally predictable: Netanyahu has facilitated
Rafi ,   US   (02.16.15)
. & accelerated anti-Israel moves around the globe... He knows it, but does it because it plays well politically @ home. But when will Israeli voters realize that they are being taken on a ride to oblivion by this small-time political hack & demagogue?
25. Behavior of US president
sui ,   oklahoma city, OK   (02.16.15)
extremely stupid & child like on the part of o. of course, he does not care about anything but o. Embarrassment to USA/
26. Israel cutoff from IRan talks updates
Bean Dar ,   US   (02.16.15)
an infantile gesture by barry sotero, lashing out and stompin his feet.
27. Plenty wrong
Diane ,   USA   (02.16.15)
with Obama, but your statement is true. The US will throw Israel under the bus. If is all foretold in the bible and great judgement is coming to the world for its treatment of Israel. So, I don't take any comfort in knowing the US is faltering and becoming a greater cesspool, but I do in knowing God has forewarned us and ultimately it is He that is in control.
28. God knows where humanity is taking humanity
US citizen ,   US   (02.16.15)
and He knows when to step in to put a stop to it. All thanks and praise be unto Him for His preservation of some portion of us.
29. Amazing
Diane ,   USA   (02.16.15)
It is amazing how the Jews do support the very person who hates them. But with the mass immigration of every evil and promotion of it at home, the Jewish donation will no longer be needed.
30. Obama endangering Israel
Brod ,   USA   (02.18.15)
By undermining Israel, Obama is endangering Israel. Israel should work with Congress to defend itself against any existential threat.
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