Denmark's Jews vow to stay as reports name Copenhagen killer as Palestinian
News Agencies
Published: 15.02.15, 23:36
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1. Euro Jews; Don't be stupid. Go home NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.15.15)
History and your dangerius present situation couldn't be clearer. Euro Jew; Don't be stupid. Go home NOW! Your lives are infinitely more important than cheaper cottage cheese.
2. Whatever they said publicly ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.15)
... is refuted with what they are doing privately. Danish Jews are an educated, successful and wealthy community. They aren't staying in Copenhagen. They aren't staying in Denmark, period. Neither should they. Jews are no longer safe anywhere in Europe. Look at Europe's history. If the Jews are not safe in Denmark, where are they safe? Time to come to Israel. Make their lives there. There is nothing left in Europe. Time to leave, and let the Europeans live with the barbarians -- the Moslems. It appears they have breached the gates. Europe is not going to be fond of what happens next. Regarding the Danish? Forget aebelskiver. The invaders aren't interested. Give 'em some pita baked in a clay oven and a plate of hummus. Danish women had better get used to waking up at four o'clock in the morning to gather breakfast. Welcome to your new Islamic paradise. Too bad you don't have anywhere to which to escape. Aren't you just all SUPER GLAD you let these primitive monsters into your land? Now, do you understand why Israel wishes to keep them out of ours? Well, if they like Denmark so much -- they can have it, along with the rest of Europe. It's not exactly as if the Europeans have a choice any longer. The goyim of Europe have long been the architects of brutality. The Jews suffered incredibly at the hands of the Europeans. We're safe. You're not. Two thousand years, but payback is here. And the Europeans are getting EXACTLY what they deserve. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of monsters. Let's not forget what they have done to the Jews for two thousand years. And now it's getting done to them. Forget Armani and Zegna. Forget Dior, St. Laurent and Chanel. Think cheap suits, no ties and burqas. The Europeans deserve it so very, VERY much. Happy, happy; joy, joy.
3. Balance
perverse   (02.16.15)
The Palestinian Authority has requested involvement in the investigation of the brutal murder of three innocent Muslims in North Carolina. I am wondering if they will also demand involvement in this hate crime?
4. interesting community reaction
Cameron ,   USA   (02.16.15)
Apparently little interest in bugging out to sit in the middle of the ME.
5. what does israel have to offer?
maurice clebert ,   israel   (02.16.15)
a war-torn country, huge social inequalities, limited professional opportunities, and very few space, disappearing natural landscapes, brutal or let's say "environmentally adapted" mentalities and no savoir-vivre...why should israel be an alternative for someone living in stockholm who enjoys the highest living standards in the world? before a jewish norvegian will start to consider israel, he will have first thought about USA or Canada, or UK or whatever it seems that every other choice is better. , well, of course, if you re a dreamer, you don t care...but how many are still dreaming?
6. kol hakavod!!!
Non Jewish immigrant ,   haifa   (02.16.15)
fear will never be a valid reason to leave your homeland
7. 2 we're safe...???
how dare you talk like that from your Manhattan armchair?
8. Dangerous place for Jews
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.16.15)
Israel is probably the most dangerous place for Jews in the world. More Jews are killed in Israel by terrorists than in all the European countries together. Hundreds of Jews are killed annually by psychopathic drivers on Israel's roads and violence is becoming a cherished value of both the criminal underworld and ever growing groups of the political right wing. Only when antisemitism starts to become the agenda of the political establishments in Europe, should the Jews consider the option of Israel. Otherwise, European Jews should only come here, when motivated by Zionist ideology.
9. Palestine Was a British Territory
emanon ,   USA   (02.16.15)
The killer was Lebanese. The British territory was dissolved in 1948, there's no way Omar El-Hussein was from there.
10. Ridiculous Rabi Leader
Tova ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.16.15)
"Jair Melchior, Copenhagen's chief rabbi, flatly rejected the idea that Jews should leave Denmark. " How disgraceful for a Jewish leader to say that. He should know that he should e encouraging Jews to make aliya at any time, and at no time discourage them. He should just his mouth shut.
11. Safer in Israel??
Zeev, Haifa   (02.17.15)
Sarah B: "... Jews are no longer safe anywhere in Europe. ... Time to come to Israel. ..." Question: Do you really believe that Jews are safer in Israel than in Denmark??
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