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European rabbis: We are fighting a battle in our homeland
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 16.02.15, 23:43
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1. In Switzerland the situation is different
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (02.17.15)
In Switzerland some communities are backing the Jewish Lobby for Palestine. They are: Or Chadash, ICZ and the SIG. This Palestinian lobby is mainly the infamous JVJP.CH and the bigot "". In the Ottoman times, Jewish Dhimmis had not much to fear from Islam.
2. You will lose fighting anti-religious legislation.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.17.15)
Restricting religion, all the religions, from imposing religious customs or clothing or various rituals means oppressing the non-religious and is the right thing to do.
3. Homeland
Peter Rimoczi ,   Duesseldorf/Germany   (02.17.15)
Do they start to laugh before they end the sentence?
4. So are the Rabbis in their homeland in Israel !!!
Shalom ,   Israel   (02.17.15)
fighting a battle against the Zionists who are out to destroy them. Just last night there was a huge support rally for the 4 yeshiva students released from prison that the Zionist media in Israel doesn't have the courage to report and would rather dig up some rally who knows where. Police estimated about 60% turnout in that huge rally last night in Jerusalem. What a humongous Kiddush Hashem that was.
5. Just remember.....
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (02.17.15)
If Israel were a nation pre WW11 NEVER AGAIN might not have happened. SAVE JEWS BUILD MORE !!!
6. #4, "Hillul Hashem", you mean.
Jake   (02.17.15)
7. Just go home! Let "Palestinians" take our place in Europe
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.18.15)
It couldn't be more obvious that Jews do not belong in blood soaked Europe. Let's the E.U.'s beloved "Palestinians" take our place in Europe. That would be justice for everyone!
8. #6 So you're saying
Trying to understand ,   you   (02.18.15)
it's a Hillul Hashem to fight the secular government and a Kiddush Hashem to secularize in the army.
9. # 7 ,...
split   (02.18.15)
You don't have 'your' place in Europe you're an invaders and squatters in their book ,... Assimilate, blend in and contribute instead keep pissing on established order and laws and demand special treatment.
10. #4 The next time some Arab enters a shul to
Al   (02.18.15)
cut the throats of the Rabbis there. dont call the 'hazer fessing' Israeli Army and Police for help. I am sure your fellow shnorrers with the bekesheses will run and help. Yeah Right...Now you know why most Jews despise the ultra Orthodox shleppers.
11. To 9
Szymon ,   Poleg   (02.19.15)
Your posts often contain agry messages against religious Jews, Non-Religious jews, Jews in Israel, Jews in Europe. What is your solution exactly? My grandfather was a secular assimilated Jew in Bialystok, he contributed, obeyed the law and tried to blend in. The communists created a pogrom (You can google the Bialystok Pogroms) and my grandfather was beaten so he left for Israel. All his brothers and sisters were killed by the Germans later on along with many of their Polish friends and neighbours. I live in Israel. Do you think my grandfather should have stayed in Europe? Do you think Jews should not live in Israel or Europe? where would you have us go if you had the choice? Jews were 50% of the lawyers in Poland before WW2 and 30% of the doctors and 30% of the urban populations many were assimilated like my family who loved Poland as do I but it didn't reallly help in the long run. you only have criticism. Most Jews have always assimilated, blended in and followed the law unlike our Muslim cousins in Europe however I note you only have bad words for Jews.
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