Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Rawabi's dried-up pipe could land Israel in deep water
Nahum Barnea
Published: 17.02.15, 12:07
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1. Let Them Drink From The Dead Sea
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (02.17.15)
Why should new, illegal Arab settlements get OUR water? Oh, right, and they don't pay their bills for what we provide them already either.
2. Gaza Is The Only Occupied Territory
emanon ,   usa   (02.17.15)
3.  the Arabs refused the water because that would mean a pipe
naftuli ,   jerusalem   (02.17.15)
the Arabs refuse the water because that would mean a pipe that supplies neighboring Jewish villages in the vicinity!
4. What a load of bovinic turd
Larry ,   Or Yehuda   (02.17.15)
forget the fact that the land is not theirs to build on. Never was. That is irrelevant. Why must Israel give them water. They do not pay for electricity which we have been supplying for years. $500 million in electricity. Hey if I did not pay, I would be cut off. Let them return to their own countries and build there. Of course apartments cost only $80000. Because they are building in an area which does not belong to them
5. Palestinians block Rawabi water
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.17.15)
Barnea rushes to blame Israel, but it is the Palestinians who are blocking the water. Silvan Shalom explained last week that the connection has to be approved by the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Committee. But the PA has refused to convene the committee since 2010. Shalom said that as soon as the PA agrees to convene it, the supply of water to Rawabi can be arranged quickly. It's another case of the PA ban on "normalization" with Israel, which harms ordinary Palestinians - and prompts uninformed Israeli commentators to lambast their own country.
6. Israel will not supply water....
Phyllis Kotton ,   Toronto   (02.17.15)
I am so sick and tired of the demands of the Arabs in Israel. What a pitiful Nation they are. They will not recognize Israel as the Land of the Jewish Nation, they will not pay their water and electricity bills, which by the way is years in arrears. They only want the destruction of Israel, they build terror tunnels which will allow them easy access into the heart of Israel, for the main purpose of killing Israeli citizens, they boycott Israel every way they know how, and yet when it comes to improving their lives, it must come from Israel. Instead of using donated money to build tunnels and acquire more bombs and weapons, let them learn to be a Nation, let them use these funds to pay their debts and better their life style. Israel is not the Fairy God Mother. Stop your squealing like spoiled children and learn what it takes to be a successful Nation. You want, you want from Israel, pay your debts, put down a substantial deposit for your services, as is done in every other Country, then maybe Israel will supply you with your Water and Electricity. Stop demonizing Israel, stop all the anti-Israel Videos, stop hating and start accepting that you cannot be an enemy and still want aid from your enemy. There comes a time when enough is enough.
7. Barnea knows the truth, but willfully hides it.
Jake   (02.17.15)
(Pre-election hype and hysteria, no doubt) The water comes from the Israeli water grid, and the Israeli government has offered to turn on the the water supply to Rawabi. The reason that this has not been done is because the PA torpedoed it, as supplying the water to Rawabi would also entail supplying water to the surrounding Jewish settlements, and so the PA prefers to cut off its nose to spite its face.
8. Supply the water. Then let's see what happens.
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.17.15)
If they don't pay for the water, turn it off. If terrorists come from the new town, turn it off. If imams in the town mosque spew incitement, turn it off. If the local school teaches demonization of Israel, turn it off. You get the picture. Either behave like good civilized neighbors, or your town will dry up and blow away. Supply the water. They'll either behave wisely and the region will prosper, or they won't and the water will disappear. It's completely up to the Arabs how the future pans out. But make it perfectly clear- once the water is turned off, for whatever reason, IT WILL NEVER AGAIN BE TURNED ON.
9. hey lets live there
dave ,   safet   (02.17.15)
why help the enemy? Oh, they aren't the enemy?
10. fine
rm ,   amsterdam NL   (02.17.15)
let a nice positive initiative dry up if it makes you feel better....more superior. Than wonder where the hostility comes from....
11. How do you explain seating on somebody?
It's offence to settle in an occupied territory of G-d. Some Jews!
12. Call me Emerald
The Qatari money is it fresh water pearl? May the water dry to Palestinians settlements. Do we need this publishing? No don't.
13. How do you explain things?
Ynet censoring talkbacks because of people like Nahum Barnea that may think the truth hurts too much and might be too offensive for them. There's reason why we talking and you know what? Stones will do the talking even if we don't talk.
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