Comptroller: Netanyahu family spending raises concerns of criminal activity
Yaron Druckman
Published: 17.02.15, 16:11
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1. This is a transparent election time anti-Bibi scam
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.17.15)
There are no limits to the ridiculous, malicious scams Bibi's leftist opponents will attempt to subvert democracy. Israelis must never let the scammers win.
2. The only non criminals in the government of Israel
are the ones who are out to destroy Israel completely, namely: HERZOG and LIVNI.
3. House manager dismissed, expenses fall
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.17.15)
The dismissed house manager who is suing the Netanyahus worked in the PM's residence from early 2011 to late 2012. Spending was NIS 211 thousand in 2009, NIS 490 thousand in 2011, NIS 458 thousand in 2012, NIS 226 thousand in 2013. So maybe the Netanyahus identified a problem and solved it. Meanwhile, Sara saved the state NIS 4,000 by recycling bottles, so she at least is thrifty.
Robert ,   Israel   (02.17.15)
Poor comptroller, he is counting empty bottles. Perhaps he should also see how much tissue paper our PM spent. The comptroller talks about food and hospitality. How much does he think my food and house expenses rose in the past four years? HOW MUCH DID HIS OWN EXPENSES RISE IN THE SAME TIME.
5. State Secret
Zechariah   (02.17.15)
These revelations are OverDemocracy .they ought be handled covertly by a Branch of Mossad .Israel needs Purity of governance and Purity of Arms and Purity of the Press .
6. that's the best they can do? bottles & lawn furniture??
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (02.17.15)
and yet nothing reported about Peres spending $11 million every year for the last 4 years.
7. Who pays this ugly witch hunting?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.17.15)
8. Whatever: can he get us through Obama/Iran/ISIS/Abu Adolf
Mazen & the rest of this crazy period. the rest he can be fined for.
9. So there's a veritable "Get Bibi"-industry that's sprung up?
10. Yet polls indicate the media one of most hated institutions
Jake   (02.17.15)
in Israel, in addition to the Knesset and the Chief Rabbinate. Not the PM's office, mind you. The MEDIA.
11. The country is sick of this guy.
Eldar ,   Haifa   (02.17.15)
You guys (all the fake FB accounts and the routine talkbackers) are all a joke - No matter what criminality surfaces you love your fearless leader. Bibi could go hold up the treasury or hire private dancers to entertain him and you would all love him dearly for it. Probably most of you are paid by the Bibi campaign. Well, no one is buying your rose-colored defenses. The country is sick of this guy.
12. Lefists digging in garbage cans...
nadav ,   tlv   (02.17.15)
just to find something incriminating. This couldn't be more obvious, that the Left is using whatever it can to disqualify the incumbent PM. It's funny how there are never any investigations into the affairs of the Labor and other leftist party and their candidates, despite egregious violations of election campaigns, like V15. Not to mention that the Labor candidates live like kings despite trying to promote socialism to champion the poor and middle class. This whole thing reeks of partisan, leftist animus,
13. the average apartment in Jerusalem costs less to buy!
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (02.17.15)
than the average costs for running the Netanyahus' homes. and what is that all about the employees having to pay the Netanyahu's expenditures? That is a really bad habit that Bibi and Sara got into from way back when he was just the poor opposition leader...remember they would go to fancy restaurants in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and not pay the bill. I think it will cost less to pay for Netanyahu's pension than to keep him in office. Let's get together and vote him out!
14. Double the PM salary and let him pay for everything.
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.17.15)
The State should pick up no expenses except official travel and official state business, entertaining, dining, etc. No housing allowances, no providing cooks or butlers. If the PM wants them, he can pay for them out of his own pocket. As bad as these expenses are for Bibi, just look how Obama and family have abused their status to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 6 years. They use Air Force One as their personal taxi to fly all over the world- even when the president isn't with them. Or the vacations to private islands that require a hundred secret service guys to follow them around. You would think that these elected officials would act as though they were the stewards of public funds, instead of behaving as if they are entitled to it. USA or Israel - power corrupts and absolute power.... well, you know. I wonder if we took a close look at all of Livni's expenses charged to the state over the years- what would we find?
15. She eats too much, it is obvious.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.17.15)
16. Not so wonderful..
Cynthia Ann ,   Bible Belt   (02.17.15)
Bibi was also engaged in a long time extramarital affair. Just remember that he is not this wonderful, pure Jew that the Republicans try to make him out to be. He is just a man, and a flawed man to be exact, who thinks he is in part of Congress. Remember, he lived here, went to school here, worked here and married an American, his 1st wife. So that is why he feels so comfortable trying to tell the President what to do. God forbid that we give him any suggestions on his country.
17. I am not a crook
Dick Nixon ,   Down Under   (02.17.15)
well maybe bibi is and maybe he isn't. but when you gotta say it you have a problem. Take it from me. Bibi - time the update the enemies list!
18. For Israel to appreciate the frugality of the Netanyahus,
Rivkah   (02.17.15)
they need to have a BO in Israel who runs up trillions of dollars in debts, trying to destroy the US economy.
19. What's more shocking than all of this is . . .
nibor ,   ISRAEL   (02.17.15)
The amount of Jewish rednecks there are . . . Rednecks do not have a monopoly on love of Israel. When the prime minister is working to move the retirement age to age 70, when job availability have become a rarity to those over 50. Those most hurt are those who over a lifetime earned in the category of 5,000-8,000 sheckels a month. A third of the country lives under the poverty line. Hovels in Tel Aviv are going for exorbitant rent rates. The same Israeli brands are cheaper overseas where salaries are much higher than salaries here. Under these circumstances, how can the Prime Minister and his family afford to be anything but frugal and careful with taxpayers money. What, is Israel a dictatorship where no criticism is permitted of a prime minister. To criticize is to be a miserable "Leftist". I can't believe all these rednecks live in Israel, because they sure hate it more than anyone.
20. As if another candidate would spend less - LOL
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.17.15)
Investigate the comptroller !!
21. if allegations are true
mark   (02.17.15)
If true, and if attributed to bibi's wife, then it would not be the first wife who dominated kitchen expenses. I make no apologies for bibi. Though he means well and sees what is happening, he is not strong at all. But to switch to herzog, who already capitulated to the arab bloc on zoabi or lying livni who would give away golan, east jerusalem and jordan valley is madness. Herzog and livni were part of olmert's team and they screwed up big time. and lapid- are you serious- this no nothing cut defense aloing with his millionaire peri who touts oslo as a success. He and tom friedman go well together. \ Turn the page- vote for bennett or kulano. Don't play games on your security. If it is between dependence on the US or secure borders and the gun, I take the latter. Israelis wake up before you vote fo bring hamastan into your living rooms. Withdrawal brings terror not the other way around.
22. Peres overspent 5 times more
Ben ,   USA   (02.17.15)
Peres overspent 5 times what Bibi used per year, but that's OK, because he is "your guy". Did Bibi do anything good in your eyes. Everything is black and this is what your paper projects to the world. BUSHA.
23. Obamas thugs at work...
Malone ,   Hfx   (02.17.15)
...Trying to dig up dirt...compared to Obama expenses,travels,etc. this is nothing
24. This is some of the most desperate nonsense I have ever seen
Matt C ,   Canada   (02.17.15)
Wow. From what I have seen of this report it is totally ridiculous. Firstly, nearly all of the report concerns spending that the State Comptroller admits is legal and has always been standard, but Shapira chooses to publicly attack Netanyahu for it anyway. Secondly, Shapiro makes reference to a water tax in 2010 that didn't exist that year, showing both legal incompetence and a very strong bias. Thirdly, the very idea of bringing criminal charges against Netanyahu's wife for recycling empty bottles, on the basis that those empty bottles are state property, is laughable, most states praise leaders' wives who recycle and the amount involved is far too small to be considered criminal in any normal legal system. Finally, the fact that this "report" is coming out right before the election cannot be a coincidence. I hope Israeli voters have the critical eye to see through this sort of nonsense, and I would be very interested to see previous Israeli Prime Ministers be judged according to the "standards" of this report.
25. Nutty-yoyo
Cody Shepard ,   Texas   (02.17.15)
Nutty-yoyo has a history of excessive spending of public money to indulgence his lifestyle and food preferences. He is just another cockroach politician taking a ride on the backs of his people. What's worse, we help to fund this "country" and this POS has the audacity to think he has some "right" to address our Congress? Bullshirt!!!
26. Netanyahu, Lieberman, Olmert...the public is not your toy!
Me   (02.17.15)
Learn what it means to be in public office.
27. what a scandal! the PM of Israel eats and cleans too much
CJK   (02.17.15)
he also eats takeout. that is a crime according to shapira. the prime minister, oh horrors, also spends on hospitality. fortunately obama is not visiting, otherwise the expenses for hospitality would be millions of dollars just for the visit. the entire report smacks of an attempt to disqualify the prime minister right before elections. the controller has too much power and certainly much chutzpah.
28. Lets dig a bit more
Oliver ,   Eilat   (02.17.15)
Lets dig a bit deeper into Bibi s affairs and I am sure we will discover he is corrupt like all the other Israeli politicians.He did not get to be Prime minster by being clean.
29. The same comptroler said the President's House
Double the expenses of the budget, nobody says anything because is Peres. PR in Israel is expensive. To host so many personalities does not come cheap but is essential. For both the President and the PM
30. What about the expenses of the president's house and that...
of the Kneset
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