Hundreds attend funeral for 4-year-old terror victim Adele Biton
Yaron Kelner
Published: 18.02.15, 15:34
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1. How many...
Mark Wilson ,   U. S. A   (02.18.15)
Palestinian and Lebanese babies have your "most moral army" murdered in the past few decades?
2. #1
Rachel   (02.18.15)
It is just like a despicable antisemite like you to come here and spew your cruel bloodlibels in response to the death of an innocent child just because she is Jewish living in her ancestral homeland. You evil people have no shame and no heart at all.
3. 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.18.15)
Rachel is 100% correct, you have no shame, no heart & no respect. Your post is totally out of line. Our army never, ever, intentionally kills or killed children. The arab scum who threw the rock that hit late baby Adele's head, did so with the sole purpose of killing her.
4. Mark is right
Issam ,   Canada   (04.26.15)
Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have found the Israeli army guilty of intentionally killing thousands of Palestinian children and women. The Israeli army even admitted to using Palestinian children as human shields on more than 1,500 occassions. To say that the Israeli army never, ever, intentionally kills or killed children is hilarious.
5. Is this the same .Amnesty Int. and HRW...
Ariella ,   NY, NY   (10.10.15)
that solicits donations from Saudi Arabia (no conflict of interest there!) and hires employee who attend beer festivals wearing T-shirts bearing Nazi-era symbols? Yes it is. Case closed.
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