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ISIS finds foothold in chaotic Libya: A gateway to Europe
Roi Kais, AP
Published: 19.02.15, 09:00
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1. Power
Edouard ,   Montreal canada   (02.19.15)
What Arab country does not have a repressive regime???? I soon as you establish a democracies it's chaos Ask yourself why Because they understand only power And this is why Israel must be strong
2. Of course Obama didn't foresee this possibility when he.....
Ignorance is NOT ,   BLISS   (02.19.15)
ousted Quadaffi. Obama is precisely so dangerous because he does not see what will come next. And now his deal with Iran... God help us.
3. The Jungle is Winning
Zechariah   (02.19.15)
The most Violent Fanatical Feral but cunning are making inroads and it makes a mockery of the Arab spring .Egypt has recovered its balance with a strong Army Jordan and Algeria also .Ought have happened in Germany with the Nazis an Army coup and Russia with Stalin but Stalin had Satanic Cunning .
4. #2 - I disagree
Devorah   (02.19.15)
Obama is so dangerous precisely because he DOES see what comes next. That is his pattern. He knows exactly what he is doing.
5. May the European leaders get exactly what they deserve
Devorah   (02.19.15)
6. Obama knows
ky   (02.19.15)
NIce parade of vehicles. How much did they cost and who is providing the bucks? .
7. 5 what about the European people?
do they deserve it as well?
8. Liberate and reform the people of
peace   (02.19.15)
Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Equatorial Giunea, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey Venezuela... And and worldwide anarchy may end. The oppression and tyranny are posion amd crime.
9. Reply to 8 please... Do you mind to fix also
Adler J   (02.19.15)
... North Korea, Uganda, Ethiopia, Yemen, Myanmar and Nepal? Thank you
10. 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.19.15)
You can delete South Africa from your list.
11. #7 - I specifically omitted the people
Devorah   (02.19.15)
Did I not?
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