Tiptoeing around religion and state in Israel
Yedidia Z. Stern
Published: 24.02.15, 00:06
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1. Israel grants freedom of religion
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (02.24.15)
The Freedom to pursue one's religion in Israel means that there is no ONE type of religion, nor ONE type of Judaism. To speak out about religion really can not be done without stepping on the toes of a different form of worship.
2. Before we do away with god entirely(but not Judaism!)we will
have to "tame" the good-for -nothing charlatans from Bnei Brak & Mea Shearim. Indeed, their chutzpah knows no limits, but it is "us", the secular dupes that allow it to blossom. Still: first things first and that means: To Be-be!
3. #1 Larry
Sagi   (02.24.15)
Freedom OF religion, but not FROM religion.
4. the origins of sepration of church and state
michael   (02.24.15)
America was founded for people to escape religious persecution usually by being killed. Which Jews should know about. Separation of Church and state is the bedrock to protect peoples' religious beliefs. So Israel the democracy want s to use this concept to restrict peoples' religious beliefs It sounds more like a bolshevik tactic than a Democratic one. The foundation of any society is people respecting one another. If people refuse to accept and implement this concept. Than the very foundation of society is at stake of crumbling. Is that want sane people want?!
5. #4, In America separation from religion occurred early.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.25.15)
Religious people from everywhere flocked to America and carved out for themselves settlement territories. Along the East Coast from South Carolina to Canada you saw almost all the discriminated groups from Europe, Jews included. People like Thomas Jefferson and the group that led to formulating the American Constitution knew that before starting to form a nation religion and State HAVE TO BE separated. This is how the Civil Rights Declaration, The Constitution, and the concept of American Democracy came about. It is a big mistake the Zionist Congress and Hertzel did not separate religion from the State, conceptually and forever.
6. Can't convince them, i confuse them...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.25.15)
What elephant in the room? Last elections Lapid was very clear about his position towards the religious. He could not beat them thanks G-D. If you can't beat them,join them. at least don't quarrel about religion. Since only by being united we can beat our murderous enemies. That is now Israel's priority. G-D gave Israel to the Jews with the condition that they keep the Tora. The Arabs know that and will fear us only when we will adopt G-D's laws. Am Israel Hai.
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