Netanyahu did not consult national security advisor on Congress speech
Tal Shalev, i24 News
Published: 24.02.15, 08:17
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1. deal being negotiated is not a bad deal but a zero deal
2. The big problem
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (02.24.15)
Is that Bibi needs to MAN-UP and protect his own people. He doesn't need to go to Washington. He needs to stay home and consult his own government and people and mobilize his army so it can march on Tehran and hang some ayatollahs. Americans are tired of war. If congress wants to help Israel, I am all for it. We can double military aid contingent no American forces are used to combat Iran unless we are overtly attacked or trade lines are effected. That will save us hundred of billions or trillions of dollars of money we don't have. It's a win win solution for Israel and Obama. He can keep his pledge to have Israels back and Bibi will keep his word of not allowing Iran to develop a nuclear weapon, wink wink. Israel can occupy Tehran and install a new government and comb the country side looking for weapons of mass destruction just like the US did with Iraq. We will have 2 success stories so far this century.
3. #2, you've lost the plot
Jake   (02.24.15) though you ever had it to begin with.
4. Leftists pipiing
Brod ,   USA   (02.24.15)
The Leftists are making a big deal out of nothing. The job of the man is to keep his mouth shut and not be a source of information for the Leftists who are working for Obama in trying to dethrone Israel's Conservative government.
5. ... all indicating that this is pure POLITICS...
Rafi ,   US   (02.24.15)
courtesy of BB and Boehner... and in actuality having nothing to do with security, Iran, etc. People, wake up !
6. A subjective perogative and the....
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (02.24.15)
...need to know; made by and at the political echelon. Done ALL the time for myriad rationale. Everyone need not know everything all the time.
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