Housing Ministry plan: One fifth of new homes to go over Green Line
Nahum Barnea
Published: 24.02.15, 14:53
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1. Promoting his own personal agenda at our exspense
Miriam   (02.24.15)
While ploughing our tax money in to the settlements while ignoring the housing crisis in the center of the country , for the hard working Israelis that work, pay taxes and serve in the IDF. No wonder young couples are leaving Israel.
2. idiocy and madness
avramele   (02.24.15)
God knows what these madmen will plan on doing should they win on March 17. oh but we do know and it is scary indeed. Armegedden and pistachio ice cream!
3. Vote Bennett, Vote Dictator No. 2
Disillusioned   (02.24.15)
Interesting to see how easy it is to give credence to fascists. This method of government building stinks and guarantees further isolation, international condemnation and making a bad situation with a few million Arabs worse. We can but hope that the idiots supporting this particular high-handed fascist will finally see him for the demagogue and budding dictator he is, No need to be a "leftist" to know he's trouble - just level-headed and rational.
4. so what?!
marcel   (02.24.15)
if israel has no right to its ancestral home, it hasno right to tel aviv. Settlers are the real pioneers, not the big coffee livni drinkes in tel aviv.' Herzog will not win
5. #1: west bank IS the center of the country
david ,   new york   (02.24.15)
a short commute to tel aviv and jerusalem. the West bank is the solution to the housing crisis
6. #1, #2 what is over the green line?
If you remove Modi'in and Jerusalem which even Meretz agrees should be Israel, how many new houses are being built in Judea and Samaria? The answer is almost none. But now a simple answer to help me vote for Labor: In the last war we saw how Hamas rocketed Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Rehovot not to mention Otef Aza, exactly as the Zionists warned when Herzog and friends destroyed Gush Katif. That being the case, why should I vote for Herzog who declares he wants to turn Judea and Samaria into a new Gaza?
7. #5 is that country Palestine ?
barney rubble   (02.25.15)
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