Tensions rise in political arena ahead of housing report
Moran Azulay
Published: 25.02.15, 00:32
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1. timing
David   (02.25.15)
This is yet another politically timed and probably politically tinged, release of "information." Personally, I seriously doubt that the dynamics of the housing market in Israel are the product of any decisions by those currently in charge of the government-- if the market is at all influenced by government policy, it is in the long term, and by the nonpolitical bureaucracy, such as the central bank. Perhaps privatization of the Israel Lands Authority would make a difference-- a good idea supported by the prime minister and yet to be enacted. But the problems of the housing market are structural, and require a structural solution. I very much doubt that Lapid is at all responsible either, although I certainly think it was unfortunate for a man of such little financial education to assume such a position-- and I certainly think that his political approach to his position was unfortunate as well. The prime minister was much better in these capacities, as well as all others.
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