Netanyahu snubs Dems as Rice warns US speech 'destructive' to Israel ties
Published: 25.02.15, 08:34
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1. a year and half those Israel haters will be history
JJJ   (02.25.15)
In a year and half those Israel haters will be history , Rice is a certified Jewish/Israel hater, so just brush them aside
2. More "destructive" than her Boss?!
3. last voters
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.25.15)
Just a question of time before Netanyahu's last voters will be that lovely family who travelled to Varna on Israir
4. Rice: I am one of the "American People," you speak of...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.25.15)
...And you don't speak for me so shut your mouth.
5. Weird - U.S. rather be angry w / Israel than Iran !
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.25.15)
Lately it is reading like world would like to take on Israel (with warlike atmosphere) rather than the true threat - Iran. Yes, Iran - the founder and backer of terrorism, the builder of nuclear weapons, the terrible want of controlling the world. Remember, weakness will have Iran in your backyard, eventually.
6. Rice and destruction
Can Obama be trusted to pacify Iran? No, he supported the Mullahs against democracy during the Green Revolution. Has Obama ever been wrong about foreign policy? Yes, Libya. Does Israel have interest in the Obama-Iran negotiations? Yes, Iran has declared they will genocide Israel and the Jews. Has Iran done anything wrong? Yes, according to neutral international observers and Obama, Iran has violated NPT in their quest for nuclear weapons. Is Obama negotiating and end to Iranian nuclear capability? No, he has already announced he will agree that Iran have the ability to produce and stockpile all components required for assembly of nuclear weapons. Does Obama take Israel's concerns in account? No, a few months ago in his "chickensh*t" remarked he gloated that he defended Iran from Israel.
7. Netanyahu
Fred Willis ,   Chicago USA   (02.25.15)
What good does it do Israel for its PM to join the Republican Party which is precisely what Netanyahu has done.
8. #4 - but you are part of the MINORITY that did not
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (02.25.15)
vote for Obama - keep remembering that your views do NOT represent the majority of Americans. In fact they represent a DECLINING part of Americans.. Demographic trends say republicans are a party in decline and as soon as the old, white racists die off, republicans are toast. This is the problem Israelis can not seem to understand, the demographic segments around the world that tolerate Israel are dying off and the demographic segments that will not tolerate any more of Israel's terrible behavior are rapidly taking over power around the world. Israel needs to change its behavior.
9. the giggling national security advisor
the us national security advisor made the statement that netanyahu's speech before the us congress would be "destructive of the fabric" of us-israeli ties. how can one respond to such an absurd claim, especially when the person who made it giggled. let us just say that israel will outlive the obama regime and the us-israel ties will also outlive the obama regime.
10. how would Netanyahu's speech destroy US-Israel ties
CJK   (02.25.15)
it is obvious that obama is terrified that netanyahu will tell the truth about iran's nuclear weapons program and the absurdity of obama's deal. obama understands that netanyahu is a man of substance whose words carry wait. all attempts to undermine netanyahu through leaks or direct threats have thus far failed.
11. Nethanyahu is one hellava idiot
Brian ,   London   (02.25.15)
Just when you think it's reached rock bottom, he makes it worse. Roll on 17 March and Sara keep packing!
12. 8
C   (02.25.15)
if my memory is correct, the republicans won both houses of congress by large majorities. the also won the majority of governorships. obama's polls are continually below fifty. the presumption that minority groups will necessarily vote for the democrats is false and racist. minority groups have their pride and will not vote of their interests are ignored. chances are that they will start voting for the republicans if they feel they are being patronised.
13. lucky bastards
peter ,   tel aviv   (02.25.15)
to the us democrats he apologizes citing bipartisanship. over here there is only right (patriotic) and left the killers of israel. and by meeting the democrats you could have proved bipartisan thinking. but you are even too much of an self possessed fool to realize that. seeing the polls at home you even speak of national unity. how can you serve with them you ignorant twit you say they are unpatriotic fooool take miss piggy and just leave
14. Obama is Nuts
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (02.25.15)
He is the most anti-American president we have ever had. By the way, I am not a conservative; I am a centrist. Netanyahu is coming at the invitation of the U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives. Get over it Obama.
15. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.25.15)
Wow! You don't keep up much with results of trials in the United States federal courts, do you? The people of the United States clipped the Arab Bank for billions. The PA and PLO got off relatively light -- around $660 million. The people of the United States do not like terrorists. Check out the racial makeup of the jury that rendered the verdict against the PLO and the PA in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Or is a majority black jury "racist" in your mind, too? What's the matter, spyguy? Are you just another affirmative action failure? Plenty of those. Just look at Soetero and Susan Rice. Classic.
16. #8 Christians were a minority in Nazi Germany, so what?
JVC ,   LA,USA   (02.25.15)
You do what's right, not what the "majority" of the sheeple say, if that was the case. You're a sheep. I can't help that. You live in a city, I can't help that. Leave your city and find out what the "other" America is like. You're assumption that you are in some kind of numeric and moral majority is grossly distorted by your faith in the mass media that reinforces the idea that you and the "Progressive Left" are some kind of majority in the United States. My party and my ideas just won the historic, landslide midterms in the US. Your president has scored the lowest approval ratings in recent history. Matrices of popularity, based on your values, not mine, indicate that the US is as center-right as it ever was. You watch Colbert, listen to NPR and and believe. My guess is you have never served our country in attire requiring the wearing of boots. You are the Starbucks mafia and you are out to lunch. Keep treading water and maybe someone will throw you a buoy. You need it as you are treading the philosophical waters of the recalcitrant leftist.
17. #12 - Actually your are wrong
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (02.25.15)
The REALITY is the democrats had more votes than republicans in the last election, BUT . . . due to the way the way the states allocate and concentrate votes, the republicans won more seats. So the republicans are really a minority party that can not win a national election and will lose many senate seats in 2016. Basically the republicans control a lot of empty land, but lose terribly in a fair fight because well over 50% of the population votes democratic. This is the BIG problem the republicans have - all of the demographic groups that vote republican are rapidly decreasing in size. BTW the republicans have nothing to offer the minorities and their ACTIONS demonstrate this every day.
18. Oh My Spyguy... Minorities?
JVC ,   LA,USA   (02.25.15)
What minorities? The Asians? They just go to school and wind up running everything.The Mexicans? They just work and work and work their way into the fabric of this country just like my grandparents did. Of what minorities do you speak? That minorities can't make it until a Democratically-controlled government helps them do it? What a freaking socialist you are! Who's waiting for the government to help them? Hey, I think there's some John Stewart re-runs on right now, why don't you go watch them & perpetuate the myth...
19. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.25.15)
So how do you account for the stunning victory for Republicans in so many of the gubernatorial races? By the way, I very strongly recommend that you look up the word "reapportionment."
20. First smella's the fella
US citizen ,   US   (02.26.15)
in elementary school the one who asks who farted is the one that farted. The ones who talk partisanship are the partisans.
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