Report: Arab ambassadors reject Netanyahu invitation to attend Congress speech
Published: 25.02.15, 14:44
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1. Congress speech
fausto montoya ,   Fontana,Ca. U.S.A.   (02.25.15)
It has been said that some that some Israeli ex ambassadors had recommended for Mister Nentanyahu not to go on with the speech , Now his national security advisor objects to speech and other Arab ambassadors reject the invite , Can it be this people knows better ? Can it be the motives for the speech are ill intended the reason for this hesitation ? Will the speech go on ? Sure it will ! It is an opportunity created with one thing in mind ! Give peace a chance !
2. Bibi's speech
Steve Fix ,   Atlanta USA   (02.25.15)
Ambassador Dermer E-MAILED the Arabic ambassadors? Was he too busy to actually CALL them? What a sorry move from a supposedly astute man.
3. Hate
Nigel Kersh ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.25.15)
It is because of this level of hate and chauvinism shown by these Arab ambassadors that Netanyahu MUST make this speech to Congress.
4. There was no rush
arne ,   chicago usa   (02.25.15)
to address congress--he could have waited until the election was over--if he wins he's got a mandate--if he doesn't , the new prime minister would get an invite--I love Bibi but he crossed the line on this one--very disappointed in him.
5. Ridiculous comments.
Ridiculu   (02.25.15)
Netanyahu must try to save the world from Obama and Khaminei. Another slant is just an olive branch to Obama: Tzvi Morgenstern · Works at ‎תנועת בני עקיבא בישראל‎ again it is not about obama it is about Iranian nukes. Why are you trying to frantically divert attention from the real issue?
6. Great!
Hakim ,   Palestine   (02.25.15)
Its great to read the comments here about Israel these days. For years all comments were in favor of Israeli policies. That has changed. More young people are seeing Israel for what it is really about. The mantra that Jews are "God's Chosen People".isn't working. Evangelical Christians and Jewish lobbyists will not convince us that we have to go to war with Iran so that Israel can continue stealing Palestinian lands and slaughtering people in their Gaza prison camp. It may take 20 more years but at some point some American President is going to have the moral courage to tell Israel to stop.
7. do not believe Goldberg
C   (02.25.15)
not one word of it.
8. All this hullabaloo reminds me of the 3 monkeys :
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.25.15)
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Excuse me world, but you are a big disappointment.
9. Never trust politicians
Hiding behind vote winning excuses to prevent threats of Iran hellish nuclear program on earth being discussed and what sort of negotiations they doing than satisfying their own ego.
10. Reply to 6: zionism is not racism
Adler J ,   Israel   (02.26.15)
In 1975, the UN adopted the resolution when the UN Secretary General was Kurt Waldheim, ex unsuccessful candidate for the Presidency of Austria. Among the security council members were some islamic countries: Pakistan, where CIA spy Bin Laden was killed by the U.S. Iraq, where Sadam received support from U.S. in the war against Iran, and Lybia...not so known after all for their human rights. Obviously, you cant compare those muslim countries with the palestinians Shalom
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