PM: World powers 'have given up' in Iran nuke talks
Associated Press
Published: 25.02.15, 20:12
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1. Critisism of Bibi just from his political opponents
Shep ,   Memphis   (02.25.15)
Netanyahu's speech may be percieved as a political ploy on his part by Obama and his supporters. That is the way they CHOOSE to look at it. As PM of Israel, he has a responsibility to protect Israel from a nucleaer armed Iran, not to mollify an American President over a manufactured political slight. I commend Bibi and look forward to hearing him speak at the AIPAC meeting.
2. @ 1
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (02.25.15)
I agree with you, however he should not go to Washington. The way for Bibi to make noise is to make it from Jerusalem. His opponents and supporters will take him more serious because he will be addressing his own people and government, and then they will get nervous in thinking that if he perceives it as a bad deal he might strike Iran and that will be bad for all. The American people will support Israel, but they will not go to war because of Bush and the neo cons deception in regards to Iraq and we all know how that worked out. We all can slam Obama, but he feels the pulse of the American people and they would not go to war over a threat from Iran real or imaginary.
3. Good for you, Shep from Memphis - agree with every word.
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.25.15)
4. Netanyahu lied about Sadaam Hussein WMD
naro ,   new york   (02.26.15)
Netanyahu is a psycopath and needs to stay home and shut up rather than destroy Israel American relationship. He was dead wrong when he pushed for American invasion of Iraq because he convinced Bush that Sadaam was feverishly working on nuclear weapons. Netanyahu is a menace.
5. UNSC Resolution 1929 - Iranian Nuclear Proliferation Ignored
Jeremy Grant   (02.26.15)
The agreed US Nuclear negotiation with Iran allows it to continue to maintain all its nuclear enrichment facilities that were built in contravention of It ignores the resolution UNSC 1929 an previous that : Reaffirms that, in accordance with Iran’s obligations under previous resolutions to suspend all reprocessing, heavy water-related and enrichment-related activities, Iran shall not begin construction on any new uranium-enrichment, reprocessing, or heavy water-related facility and shall discontinue any ongoing construction of any uranium-enrichment, reprocessing, or heavy water-related facility;
6. Iranians laughing at split created between US and old Ally
The longer the Iranians draw the talks out and maintain the status quo of their nuclear and ballistic missile breakout capability , the greater relations deteriorate between the US and Israel an other established Middle East Allies . It seems the US is throwing away all its old friends in favor of unreliable partner that will intrinsically never cooperate with the US.
7. For the world
US citizen ,   US   (02.26.15)
it's never been about Israel or nukes; it's about global trade, as there are more Muslim than Israelis.Good thing there is One whose currency, treasure in heaven, retains more everlasting value. Thanks be to you Lord God of Jacob.
8. #5 UNSC resolutions are SUGGESTIONS, not law
spyguy ,   seatttle usa   (02.26.15)
As the US POTUS GW Bush demonstrated, repeatedly, UN resolutions can and will easily be ignored. Over the last 60+ years most of the UNSC resolutions have been ignored to one degree or another. Nations are completely free to negotiate anything they want and if no one goes to war about it, that becomes the status quo. There is NO SUCH THING as "International law." What there is, are temporary agreements that the signing parties agree to live by, until one or more of the parties decides to not live by the agreement. At that point either the agreement is re-negotiated or there is armed conflict. There are no absolutes in international relations, only current status quo which changes over time. The bottom line is UNSC Resolution 1929 is not worth the paper it is printed on and has no actual binding affect on anyone.
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