White House: Partisanship 'destructive' to US-Israel ties
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Published: 25.02.15, 21:03
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1. Only people playing politics with our lives are the ........
Drora   (02.26.15)
2. Wow!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.25.15)
Biden, Kerry and half a dozen Democratic lawmakers will miss Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech. That's what -- eight, nine no-shows? Keep in mind that there are four hundred and thirty-five members of the House of Representatives and one hundred senators. Quite a smackdown for The One.
3. It is ABSOLUTELY right for Bibi to address Congress!
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.25.15)
It would be the height of immorality and stupidity for Bibi not to address Congress on the enormous dangers of nuclear Iran. In fact, this issue is not even debatable on a logical level. Any person, capable of intelligent, thought knows almost anything is justified to stop Iran's maniacal regime from building nukes. Addressing our friends in Congress, Americans and the world is necessary. Taking whatever actions must be taken to stop Iran is also necessary.
4. Kerry lied today in Congress testimony
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.26.15)
He said that PM Netanyahu encouraged Bush to invade Iraq in 2003. First of all Netanyahu was not PM in 2003. Secondly PM at the time, Sharon, told Bush to not invade Iraq.
5. US Senate will never ratify Obama's capitulation deal
CJK   (02.25.15)
obama has no intention to present his capitulation deal for ratification in the us senate. it is therefore an absolute truth that this deal can be disregarded by the next us president. obama pretends to himself and to the world that his unilateral dictatorial machinations can stand once he is out of office.
6. US Senate will not ratify Obama's capitulation deal
CJK   (02.25.15)
obama is trying to destroy prime minister netanyahu for simply giving a speech to the us congress. yet the obama regime hobnobs with members of the totalitarian terror group of the muslim brotherhood despite opposition from sunni states. obama's deal can be ignored by the next president since it will not be ratified. hence, obama's claim that netanyahu is politicising the iran issue is absurd since he as us president cannot get the senate to ratify his precious deal.
7. Kerry has admitted that US aware of secret Iran nuclear site
CJK   (02.25.15)
kerry has admitted to members of congress that reports by iran opposition group about a secret nuclear site are true and us has been aware of it.
8. If I'm not mistaken, Bibi + Obama in office same amt of time
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.25.15)
9. Bah! Sullen snivel from sour Dems
Cameron ,   USA   (02.25.15)
Even more 'destructive' for the US-Israel relationship if he should bow out at the last moment. He is mortally obliged at this point. He arrives, and let the chips fall where they may.
10. Rice as Obama's lap dog.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.26.15)
11. # 4 Typical obama's herd of liars
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (02.26.15)
they all lie, Hillary, obama, Kerry, Valerie Jarred et al. KEEP BUILDING!!!
12. If the senate nixes the deal
Avramele   (02.26.15)
If the Senate nixes the deal the other countries might accept it, declare Iran in compliance with the NPT and lift the world embargo with the US left on the outside looking in. Our, Israel's and US leverage is gone and options are limited. The President cannot go to war without congressional consent but congress cannot force the President into action. No Republican will run in 2016 as the war candidate especially if their last name is Bush.
13. You know how us humans are
US citizen ,   US   (02.26.15)
It can't be us that is wrong, it has to be some other humans. Have no fear, God knows exactly who bears responsibility and who abdicates and why.
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