Banksy highlights Gaza plight with mock tourism video
Ynetnews and Reuters
Published: 26.02.15, 21:34
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1. Let the Gazans take responsibility for their actions
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (02.27.15)
Let the Gazan take responsibility for their actions. They voted for Hamas, they support Hamas and now they live in fear of Hamas. Hamas is a dictatorship, like Hitler's Nazis, no one can voice opposition to the Hamas dictatorship or they will disappear. Let some one protest the lack of personal freedom that Hamas has brought into Gaza. They had the choice: a real free state or a terrorist state. The people chose; now let them enjoy the fruits of their stupidity.
2. Wow - a pity party - real tourist attraction that !
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.27.15)
3. Another Self Promoting PR Exercise
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.27.15)
Instead of demanding a tearing up of the Hamas Charter that gives it Carte Blanche to Hamas to perpetuate never ending wars Instead of demanding Hamas negotiate a permanent Cease Fire so that the blockade can end IMMEDIATELY Instead of demanding full transparency of where ALL the Hamas taxes, donations and trade goes Instead of demanding an end to the obscene fanatical brainwashing of young children to embrace violence, murder, 'martyrdom' and the summary executions for even minor misdemenours Instead of demanding answers from Hamas and SPEAK UP AGAINST Hamas oppression Mr Blundering Banksy goes to Gaza to.....draw murals Thanks a BUNCH Banksy but NO THANKS Its as much use to the People of Gaza as a bit of Spray Painting on a Wall Meeow....
4. and in other press
Other newspapers reported tours of new Hamas fortifications, and how Hamas soldiers are eager to fight another round. Banksy either took the wrong tour, or is a pro-terror propagandist.
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