'Netanyahu has caused Israel the most strategic damage on Iran'
Nahum Barnea and Shimon Shiffer
Published: 27.02.15, 23:47
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1. Dagan is wrong
Yael   (02.28.15)
It is obvious to the world that Obama's administration shifted towards Iran its new found friend and Dagan is in error thinking that BIBI wil make thingsworse. They cannot be worst. Obama is afraid that BIBI will open the world's consciences to the danger this deal with Iran repredsents to all concerned in the region and the world. and BIBIs point of view will be accepted and prevent the feckless narcissistic Obama's administration and his ignorant advisers.
2. Awesome article, interview. One of best I ever read in Ynet
Rafi ,   US   (02.28.15)
3. Leftist politician seeking to feather his bed
brenrod   (02.28.15)
4. Dagan the had-been
Brod ,   USA   (02.28.15)
Dagan is a had-been and is irrelevant. By undermining Israel's government, he is aiding Israel's enemies. If he cares for Israel, he should shut up.
5. Anyone who trusts Obama has a serious problem
CJK   (02.28.15)
meir dagan seems to fear obama more than he fears a nuclear iran.
6. "He turned the Iranian problem into Israel's problem"
CJK   (02.28.15)
dagan accuses netanyahu of turning the iran weapons program problem into israel's problem. the accusation is unfair given that obama will obviously sign a capitulation deal with iran. iran will be allowed to continue enrichment, weaponisation, building ballistic missiles, keeping the arak heavy water reactor and continuing r&d in all nuclear sectors. a bad deal with iran is worse than no deal with iran.
7. Dagan has become a talking head...too bad.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.28.15)
Go Bibi, go !!!!!!
8. Miss the forrest for the trees
Michael ,   San Diego, CA USA   (02.28.15)
Clearly the author of this article can see the trees but not the forrest. It is not Bibi who has damaged Israel but his nemesis, President Obama. Obama's distaste is visceral. He is a weak man who does not have the courage to throw up his hands, walk away from a bad deal and admit defeat. He must have something on paper, anything, to show success. So, he hates a strong man who says it like it is, is willing to sting up to Goliath, fight impossible odds and still be a man. Obama may have the greater power but obviously less guts.
9. the problem is that BB's visit to US has become all about BB
Rafi ,   US   (02.28.15)
... and not about Iran. And for election purposes for BB, that is just fine. That's all this was ever about.
10. Serious Damage?
Max ,   Washington DC   (02.28.15)
What is Dagan smoking? Bibi has caused minimal damage along with others, to Iran's quest for nuclear armed ICBMs which would cause Real and Serious Damage to those that ignore the threat of a rogue State with these weapons of mass destruction!
11. strategic damage?
Before 1992, Israel was militarily secure. Then the Labor Party (the whole time with Herzog's support) took steps that caused Israel real strategic damage: giving Arafat legitimacy, arms and territory in Israel, ethnically cleansing Gush Katif, destroying Lebanese opposition to Hezbollah and later arming Hezbollah and of course, equating Likud with Hamas. Now Barnea and Shiffer are complaining that Netanyahu is trying to prevent Obama giving Iran nukes? You couldn't make it up.
12. Dagan's misperceptions
Moshe ,   Israel   (02.28.15)
"How would Obama explain his failure to reach a deal? That he gave in to Netanyahu? Or the Republicans?" This Dagan said in justification of his objection to Netanyahu's speech before congress. But, Obama can easily explain it by wanting to prevent Iran from become a nuclear state. Another item : "What message does it send when our prime minister says that we don't need information from the talks and that we have our own sources? Is he implying that we are spying on the United States?" Has the former Mossad chief forgotten that in the talks with Iran participate also 5 other world powers, and some of them could leak the pertinent information to Israel ?
13. Looks like Dagan gave the bad advice to eveyone in the past
brenrod   (02.28.15)
he advised 3 PM's not to attack Iran when it was feasible, but to leave it to the foreigners and that is why Israel is in a mess now. Now the foreigners have betrayed Israel and Iran will get the bomb due to Dagan. He admits Iran is an existential threat but advised to leave it to to others
14. To #2 you should read more often lol...
Adler J   (02.28.15)
15. To #9
Adler J   (02.28.15)
"is he implying that we are spying on the United States?" - Ohh thats not possible! i mean, it could be possible, why not?...but frankly i cant imagine Netanyahu spying Obama or celebities like Madona...
16. Good post
Shepp Fargotstein
17. Iran
Jerel Shaw ,   Richmond   (02.28.15)
Dagan seems like a very intelligent guy who seems capable of genuinely critiquing the reality. However, it appears unfortunate that he's intent on maintaining the status quo. I find it interesting where his comments on strategic blunders by Israel make a lot of sense, but I find it baffling that the leadership shows inflexibility by not striving more in offering mutual accommodation to millions of people being occupied. Basically their fear brings out the worst behavior that only results in destruction and instability and extension from the inevitable. Iran is not going anywhere, neither are the Palestinians. Sound like a pretty basic pronouncement, but it is a truth that demands more than brute force coming from Intelligent people.
18. Excusez moi #15 was for #12 merci
Adler J   (02.28.15)
19. #6 No deal = Iran nuclear Niether israel nor US can stop it
Younes   (02.28.15)
the new mantra "No deal better than a bad deal" is a fanstaisy.. Since neither Israel not even US military can stop it, either a deal or WAR AND A NUCLEAR IRAN
20. Bibi is responsible
liz ,   millsboro usa   (03.01.15)
16 US Intelligence Agencies, plus MOSSAD, have stated IRAN has no nuclear weapons nor do they want any. Israel has thousands of nukes, chemical and biological weapons, WHY IS THE CORPORATE MEDIA ADDRESSING THAT QUESTION.
21. Obama vs israel
Jim hartmann ,   Mercer ills. Usa   (03.01.15)
You have it wrong. Majority opinion in USA is that our president is incompetent, especially in foreign affairs. What he says today falls on deaf ears. This is the same idiot that claimed his policies were at stake in the midterms. Now he is as arrogant as ever. Please just go away
22. 19 propaganda
CJK   (03.01.15)
it would have been possible to eliminate ira's nuclear sites militarily. increased sanctions might have also worked. the shia terror regime is a genocidal totalitarian regime which cannot be trusted.
23. why israelis complain their are no good leaders
michael   (03.01.15)
when we have a leader we either do not appreciate him or the elite back stab him. it should be no wonder that we have the crew we have to pick from. Which normal person would want to put himself or herself through this slander. I guess Bibi really cares about his people if he is willing to put up with all this nonsense.
24. dagan cannot put his failures on bibi
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (03.01.15)
just like socialism failed miserably wherever it raises its ugly dictatrial head, yet blames all its failure son others, dagan blames his failings as mossad head on bibi... newsflash!!!!! dagan failed and now bibi can mob up the mess made by the left!
25. For the Love of G-d.....
Nice Bloke ,   New Brighton   (03.01.15)
Israel, please do not re-elect the utter buffoon Netanyahu. He has caused enough damage as it is. Being incompetent is bad enough but being a shameless egotist, as well, is simply unforgivable.
26. Netanyahus v USA
Gwenie Mugliston ,   Glen Campbell, USA   (03.01.15)
Is the USA such a pushover that Israel thinks Netanyahus can push us into precipitous action on Iran? I think you should think that over again.
27. Such a wrong premise
Anonomous ,   Stafford VA USA   (03.01.15)
He is full of B.S. I am an American and the only thing that is driving the U.S. to reach a deal with Iran is the love our Islamic loving president has for his brethren.
28. #22 - It has never been possible to stop Iran
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (03.01.15)
(1) there has never been a military option and both the IDF leadership and the US military leadership know this for a fact. Attacking Iran is walking into a death trap for American or Israeli forces. Believing your own myths woudl just get lots of Israelis killed. (2) No further sanctions are possible and the existing third-party sanction are going away because smuggling and money laundering are older than the oldest civilizations. Iran has resources and markets people want and no one is going to listen to the USA any further. You may not like Iran, but it is here to stay , so you may as well just learn to live with it.
29. Netanyahu
Phil ,   Bemidji, MN   (03.01.15)
Netanyahu is not motivating us to reach an agreement with Iran. He is alienating Israel from us with his inflammatory comments and has often appeared almost childish in US media. I wish Israel wisdom in their upcoming election.
30. Bibi is responsible
robert ,   israel   (03.01.15)
Liz , the simple reason that everyone is discussing Iran making a bomb is , They are and have proved to be absolutely ruthless in dealing with any one that disagrees with them , they have more innocent blood on their hands ( mainly Muslim ) than any other country , Their leaders are the worst dictators on earth and their respect for life is non existent.
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