Meretz pushes for cannabis legalization: 'A million people are not criminals'
Roei Eisenberg
Published: 03.03.15, 00:34
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1. All drugs are bad.
Joe Bliksem ,   Raanana Israel   (03.03.15)
So now if a million people got caught for shoplifting every year we also shouldn't treat them as criminals??
2. congrads on having GUTS, FORSIGHT!
Mighty Jew Young ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (03.03.15)
finally a pot realist. medical pot must be allowed as I am 72 and losing sight...the pot is the only thing so far that really helps me. Legal or not I use, and the naysayers should not keep their heads up their... allow me to see, empty the drug war busts prisons.
3. Marijuana causes insanity and hallucinations and sends
Rivkah   (03.03.15)
people to hell and is 100x more carcinogenic than nicotine. WHY are people trying to legalize something that sends people to HELL??? Sorcerers go to hell, Scriptures warns, unless they repent and forsake sorcery. What is sorcery? It is using or providing to others HALLUCINOGENIC DRUGS. People who inhale second hand marijuana smoke are contaminated, too. IF marijuana is used RECTALLY, it is not hallucinogenic and can be used for pain or epileptic seizures. But if inhaled or ingested, it is hallucinogenic and therefore forbidden by Elohim.
4. when you have nothing, try anything
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (03.03.15)
Gal-On (better known as Get-Off) is riding a dying horse know as Meretz. Meretz used to be a growing party, but with the situation of implementation of the left's ideology in Israel proving a gigantic failure in dealing with the Arabs and more people moving to the right, Gal-On with try everything and anything to attract voters. The basic problem is that we have come to the realization that our Arab neighbors, Hamas and Ab ass do not want peace, they want terror and giving them land for peace only made things worse. This was the stupidity of the liberal left who lived in a world of dreams devoid of the reality of the real Arab mind. She is frightened that after the coming elections she may be left with a smaller party than ever before so she is trying to get the lefties to vote for her and not Livni/Herthog.
5. Are Livni, Herzog, Lapid part of this drug addict party?
Shawn   (03.03.15)
6. Finally an issue worth Meretz. Fortunately these are not 60s
7. #1 "All drugs are bad. "
A ,   Belgium   (03.03.15)
Mr. Mackey from South Park posts on Ynet! "You shouldn’t do drugs. If you do them, you’re bad, because drugs are bad. It’s a bad thing to do drugs, so don’t be bad by doing drugs, m’kay, that’d be bad”.
8. All drugs aren't bad
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (03.03.15)
we cure many illnesses with drugs. We inoculate our children to prevent diseases that killed millions of people. Cures for polio, measles, smallpox etc. Such a silly post. All drugs are not bad. Marijuana has medical properties and is known to relive many illnesses. Marijuana is 'natures way of saying 'hi.' The only thing preventing legal use of marijuana is the liquor lobby which BTW represents a drug that does kill It's up to mankind to know the difference between what is and isn't good for us. Anyone got a light? PUFF PUFF!!!
9. # 3 Hmm, must have missed that 11th commandment
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (03.03.15)
" Thou shalt not smoke dope." and the 12th "Thou shalt not get drunk." Pot's legal in several states and alcohol is legal in all states. Next to alcohol, pot is a safe drug. No one got in a car and accidentally killed people from smoking pot, not so with alcohol which Jews and Gentiles do drink legally. Reconsider your post, have you ever smoked pot? If not, you are not qualified to make a statement. KEEP BUILDING ISRAEL !! ( Stoned or not )
10. Rectal marijuana?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (03.03.15)
so stick it up your bum is fine? Does the rectum inhale and exhale? Make smoke rings?
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