Obama: Netanyahu rift not permanently destructive to US-Israel ties
Published: 03.03.15, 00:09
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1. Obama is merely trolling...
Andrew ,   USA   (03.03.15)
The Obama regime doesn't speak for the majority of fact,I know of none that he does speak for. This whole controversy has been contrived by the propaganda-masters in the White House. Netanyahu has not destroyed relations with the U.S....Obama has tried to isolate the Jewish State of Israel constantly this last 6 years. Don't buy into the propaganda.
2. It ties Israel's hands.
jb ,   winnipeg ca   (03.03.15)
When the Jews needed to defeat Haman, the king, reluctant to use his own forces, at least allowed the Jews to fight for themselves. This deal with Iran, a carefully crafted house of cards, means Israel would be, effectively, as bound by it as the US, EU etc. At some point Israel would alienate the whole stupid world. So why not now? Better no deal at all.
3. ZERO Obama blasts one of the most accomplished world leaders
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.03.15)
4. us israel relations
hmb ,   usa   (03.03.15)
Obamas comments are contradictory he says his plan for iran works and they have missles that can destroy america now. That is not a working plan. He says he has israels best interest. If its anything like how he had crimeas and Ukraine's best interest russia iran china can take israel tomorrow.
5. Obama has single-handed orchestrated Big Islam all over the
Middle East and as result of this, all over our fair, blue planet. He should keep his lying, Muslim mouth tight...
6. Question
Michael   (03.03.15)
Since when do we give the benefit of the doubt to liars and murderers regarding the lives of millions of people? Does this make sense? Would Obama have trusted Hitler in the 1930s? It seems like he would.
7. Obama US/Israel ties
Linda Bell ,   Scotland   (03.03.15)
Obama is a liar and a fraud. He hates Bibi because he is jealous of him and I sicerely believe he is anti Israel. Bibi is simply the best world leader. He is a fine statesman and he truly loves his country. Nothing like Obama. Iran is a nest of lying vipers.
8. Obama's favourite game: blasting Israel, Netanyahu
C   (03.03.15)
when will he ever blast the genocidal totalitarian terror regime of iran. when will obama ever admit that iran is a rogue terror regime. he will never do it. he lacks the moral clarity. obama thinks that iran needs ways to save face. obama has no empathy for the hundreds of thousands who have been murdered for the sake of shia supremacy. all obama wants is a signed deal with iran at any cost.
9. Interests
Israel wants interest paid on the land of Israel occupied far too long by Palestinians. It's not just taking the land back from occupiers the Palestinians but taking it back with interest. The difference between the owner and the borrower is that the borrower pays interest then they'll know with their generations that the land belongs to Israel.
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