UK regulator: Old City of Jerusalem not part of Israel
Published: 04.03.15, 10:41
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1. Is London British ?
Moshe ,   Israel   (03.04.15)
Israeli Ministry of Tourism should designate the British capital as the future capital of Muslims who live in England, and remove it from the British tourism ads.
2. Oh, those silly British!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.04.15)
Jerusalem -- all of it -- is the eternal, indivisible capital of the State of Israel. But Buckingham Palace does belong to the Picts. Better move out Lilibet and the rest of the "royals." Quick! Hurry! No time to lose. Don't forget the collection of Lilibet's ridiculous pocketbooks .... she needs them.
There is no need to waste money on expensive adverts and give money to british antisemites. And remember : He who blesses Israel will be blessed and he who curses Israel will be cursed.
4. They can ban the ad, spin the wheel of lies.......
tiki ,   belgium   (03.04.15)
But they can't change the Jewish history of Jerusalem, capital of the Jews, build by King David. Israel // Jerusalem & Jews are inseparable. London and the Brits are not for half it's population aren't Brits any more!
5. Have the British and prince
Ralph   (03.04.15)
also already converted to Islam?
6. #4
Harold ,   USA   (03.04.15)
You again. The UN Israeli borders are very clear and UK respects that. You can say anything to please yoursef but the fact is fact and that is the 1948 borders.
7. #2 - Sarah B
Harold ,   USA   (03.04.15)
You and commentator Belgium can say what pleases you but the fact is the fact and that is the 1948 UN Israeli borders. All the world recognize the 1948 borders except people like you and your followers.
8. #5
Harold ,   USA   (03.04.15)
Many countries do have a prince including Netanyahu who acts like a prince of Israel.
9. #1
Harold ,   USA   (03.04.15)
Do you know that the Rothschild and the Saatchi Saatchi families live in Britain. Wise-up
10. to whom does the old city of Jerusalem belong
simon ,   kfar saba, Israel   (03.04.15)
If it doesn't belong to Israel, then to whom-the man on the moon? come-on, perhaps the Brits need to drink some more tea to wake up!
11. Totally Idiotic
Andrew Stiller ,   United States   (03.04.15)
Jerusalem IS part of Israel. It is the capital of Israel, plain and simple. The UK ASA ruling is totally idiotic.
12. The ASA is of course based in Manchester as....
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (03.04.15)
London is part of France.
13. Correction #6
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (03.04.15)
What you refer to as the "1948 borders" are in fact the 1948/49 armistice lines. The point at which invading arab armies were stopped and a ceasefire agreed. By that point, Jews living in the old city had either been killed or rounded up and driven out. The occupying power in Judea, Samaria and E.Jerusalem between 1948 and 1967 was Jordan. Jordan is not claiming that its borders end at the armistice lines anymore, although the UN does not accept that this makes it part of Israel beyond doubt and that makes the area 'disputed territory'. The disputed area is part of historical 'Israel' and since 1967 Israel has been responsible for the territory. If you wish to visit the disputed area you can only do so with permission from Israel, not the UN, not Jordan.
14. # 6-8 Harold
Moshe ,   Israel   (03.04.15)
If in 1947 there were so many Muslim countries in UN like today, the resolution of creating a homeland for the Jews would not has been accepted. This organization is not a beacon of morality, but mainly a knot of selfish interests. Almost none state of it opened its gates for Jews refugees seeking shelter before the Holocaust, or did something to save Jews during. Thus, it is not UN business to determine for Israel the borders, established due to Arab aggression.
15. # 9 Who is Saatchi Saatchi family ?
Moshe ,   Israel   (03.04.15)
And I don't understand your comment.
16. Old City Jerusalem
joy bingham ,   England UK   (03.05.15)
Well the British Trading/Advertising standards are just plain wrong, wrong wrong!
17. Harold, #7, there are no "1948 UN Israeli borders".
Jake   (03.05.15)
They are a figment of your imagination. The UN General Assembly made a recommendation for partition, which was non-binding,and which the Arabs REJECTED. Therefore the UN Security Council did NOT formalize the Partition Plan recommmended boundaries, but instead decided on UN neutrality on the matter, "WITHOUT PREJUDICE TO THE RIGHTS, CLAIMS, AND POSITIONS OF EITHER PARTY". The same clause appears in the 1949 Ceasefire Agreements which established the Green Line. They explicitly mention that these are military ceasefire lines and NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS AN INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARY. In short, none of your distortions stands up to scrutiny.
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